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Euro Plus Automotive has helped drivers take care of their German & Japanese vehicles for over 30 years. We provide all the services you receive at the dealership but at a fraction of the cost. When we first opened we specialized in Porsche vehicles but over time we’ve become a full service center for German brands including:

We have also become the area’s go-to shop for Japanese imports such as: No matter the make or model we service we’ve stood by the same standard since day one. We’re dedicated to offering unprecedented service and value to each of our customers.

Audi Repair & Service


So next time you are looking for an auto repair center in Canoga Park give us a call at 818-710-8244 and we will be more than glad to help you. Read More



Don’t worry about us becoming just another generic repair shop, we hire specialists who have been trained to work on a particular vehicle. Read More



In 1984, Euro Plus Automotive expanded their repertoire to include Japanese made vehicles and have vehicle technicians on board who specialize in Japanese motors. Read More



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Specializing in Advanced Vehicle Engineering

Our ASE certified mechanics help drivers throughout the area with year-round maintenance. We offer unbeatable service by using the latest materials for each job including:

  • Computer diagnostic equipment
  • Manufacturer made tools and equipment
  • OEM repair parts
  • Factory replacement materials for services including oil and fluid changes

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Mechanics Trained For Your Vehicle

Located in Canoga Park, we only hire mechanics with years of experience to ensure quality. Our team has the experience needed to diagnose any issues and to repair them as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for proper vehicle care in Canoga Park or nearby then call Euro Plus Automotive today. We’re here to assist you and your vehicle with any service or repair needs.

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