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Month: November 2019

BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump

Tips to Repair a Malfunctioning High Pressure Fuel Pump in Your BMW

BMW is a luxury vehicle that stands above the rest. It is continuing to set the standards for all other high-performance vehicles. Each BMW is uniquely designed so the exterior is sleek and the interior is luxurious and comfortable.

BMW is also an excellent vehicle for all purposes. The four-door sedan, the SUV for the family, and the two-seater all allow you experience perfection on the road. Regardless of the reason behind your BMW purchase, when you become a BMW owner, you know that you are investing in a vehicle that will last a long time.

Like all vehicles, your BMW will have issues and malfunctions on occasion. Even if you keep the suggested maintenance schedule, one part that has the potential of malfunctioning is the high-pressure fuel pump. In the article below, you will find more information on what the high-pressure fuel pump is, signs that point to malfunctioning, and how it can be repaired.

What is the high-pressure fuel pump?

In your BMW there are 2 types of fuel pumps. The first is the low-pressure fuel pump, which is responsible for pulling fuel from the fuel tank. The second pump is the high-pressure fuel pump. The function of the high-pressure pump is to move the fuel into the combustion chamber. If this fuel pump begins to malfunction, then your BMW will not run as efficiently as you are accustomed. Once this issue has been detected, you should take your BMW in for servicing as soon as you can. If you know your way around your vehicle, then you can repair the part yourself.

Signs, Symptoms, and Tips for Repairing

One sign that will point to a malfunction high-pressure fuel pump in your BMW is if it loses power when accelerating or when going uphill. These two motions require a lot of power from the engine. Your engine is not going to get the power it needs if there is an issue with the high-pressure fuel pump. The combustion chamber will not have enough fuel to create the required energy.

You can use a fuel pressure gauge to verify that the high-pressure fuel pump is the main issue behind the difficulty in acceleration and going uphill. This tool can be purchased at any store that sells car parts and tools. The fuel pressure gauge will be able to tell you if the pressure is too low. If this is the case, then first check the gasoline line underneath your BMW to ensure that it is not damaged. If not, then a repair is needed to the fuel pump itself.

A second sign that will indicate a malfunctioning high-pressure fuel pump is the amount of time it takes for your engine to turn over when starting your BMW. This is caused by a leak in the fuel pump. The leak will cause the entire fuel system to depressurize when the engine is off, leading to your BMW having a longer start time. With the fuel system depressurized, it will take a lot longer for the fuel to enter the combustion chamber. In order to determine the location of the leak, an injector balance and a leakdown test will need to be performed. These tests are involved and not recommended for those who are not skilled mechanics.

BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump Repair Tips

Professional High-Pressure Fuel Pump Repair at Euro Plus Automotive

If you have noticed any one of the above-mentioned signs of a BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump Issue Fixmalfunctioning high-pressure fuel pump, then it is time to bring your BMW in for service. Even if you have repaired the issue yourself, it never hurts to get a second opinion from a trained and certified technician.

At Euro Plus Automotive, we will thoroughly inspect and repair the malfunctioning high-pressure fuel pump in your BMW. We are conveniently accessible from the areas of Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA. We will take all the steps necessary to repair the fuel pump efficiently and quickly.

When you bring your BMW into Euro Plus Automotive, we will use our state-of-the-art diagnostic computers and equipment that is specific to BMWs. After discussing the findings with you and getting the go-ahead, we will use manufacturer-approved parts and tools to repair the fuel pump. You and your BMW will be back on the road quickly and safely.

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