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Acura Airbag Warning Light

Reasons Behind Acura Airbag Failures in Canoga Park

Airbags are vitally important safety features found in automobiles that are designed to quickly inflate and deflate during a collision. An airbag creates a surface that absorbs energy between the occupants in the vehicle and the windshield, dashboard, steering wheel, and other hard surfaces that can cause severe injury when impacted. Modern vehicles have various configurations of airbags that include seat mounted, side-curtain, passenger and driver side among others.

The Acura line of vehicles are built with precise attention to detail, unsurpassed comfort, and outstanding performance. While these automobiles set the standard incredibly high for innovation and engineering, they can suffer from airbag malfunction. This failure can have devastating consequences for the individuals inside the cabin. It is important to have any potential issues addressed with an ASE-certified mechanic if you have suspicions concerning the operation of your airbags.

Reasons for Airbag Failure

Defective airbag sensors

The sensors that are responsible for deploying the airbags can sometimes be faulty or defective. If this is the case, the airbags may not have been triggered during an accident. Faulty sensors can be the result of failures in software, improper design, incorrect installation or mistakes in the calibration of the firing threshold.

Severed wiring

At times, some manufacturers may route the wiring system through an area that can be easily severed or cut during a crash. When this occurs, the proper signals are not delivered to the airbags in time.

Malfunctioning electrical components

There are various electrical components and wires that work together to create the airbag deployment system. Anytime one or more of the pieces become defective, impact signals may not initiate. One or more of the airbags may fail to operate properly.

Airbag modules may suffer from defects

The airbag module itself may have defects that prevent firing during a collision. This is usually the result of a manufacturing error or improper quality control and inspection. Even though the sensors work correctly, the module misses its deployment.

Overall nature of the accident

The specific type of crash is the overall determining factor in the exact deployment of the airbags. The location of the collision will only trigger certain sensors. Speed, location, and impact will decide which of the safety components will activate.

If an airbag fails to deploy during an accident, it can be extremely dangerous. Occupants can be severely injured or even lose their life due to an extremely forceful impact inside the vehicle. It is crucial for you to be aware of any potential signs of airbag malfunction as well as consulting a trusted auto service shop to address any issues with this potentially life saving system.

Acura Airbag Failure Reasons

Put Your Trust in Euro Plus Automotive

Euro Plus Automotive has been servicing the residents of Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA for over three decades. We have the knowledge, expertise, and training to work on German and Japanese vehicles, including your Acura. At Euro Plus, we are more than your average auto repair shop. Acura Airbag Issue Fix We are one of the very few in the area that has a staff of ASE-certified technicians as well as an ASE-certified service writer. Our dedication to your satisfaction includes a 2 year/24,000 mile service warranty.

Your Japanese import has a very intricate, specific operating system and must be serviced with the most attention to detail. Euro Plus Automotive has been doing just that for years and we will communicate with you in an easy to understand manner every step of the way. Our team always provides you with an accurate, affordable quote on parts, labor, and repair time.

Safety should be your number one priority when operating your vehicle, and we are committed to maintaining that safety by providing quality inspections, maintenance, service, and repair of your airbag deployment system. Our relationship with you is important and we work to develop a personal, trusted partnership with our clients. Confidence is key when choosing an auto repair shop, and you won’t find anyone else who can offer the same level of knowledge and customer service. Please call us today and trust your Acura to the valley’s best import specialists.

Honda Compliance Bushing

How to Deal With Compliance Bushing Failure in Your Honda From the Experts in Canoga

Hondas are a great investment. They are affordable, reliable, and hold their resale value. Honda is well known for making vehicles that are safe and comfortable while providing exceptional performance. To keep your Honda in great working order, you need to stay current on your regular maintenance schedule. At Euro Plus Automotive, our expert technicians can take care of all of your Honda needs, including compliance bushing replacement.

What is a compliance bushing?

A compliance bushing is also known as the control arm bushing. It is a necessary part of the suspension. It is a small component made from rubber or polyurethane. It is used to provide cushioning and isolate vibration. It also reduces friction that can occur between metal parts.

What is the purpose of the suspension system?

The suspension in your Honda is comprised of several different parts. Its main purpose is to deliver a smooth ride with steering stability. Since the roads we drive are full of bumps and potholes, a suspension system is necessary. The imperfections in the road can lead to a very uncomfortable ride.

The suspension system is always being used. It undergoes a lot of stress and will wear out over time. Once the parts of the system begin to fail, you will become will begin to notice your ride getting rougher. You may also begin to hear strange noises.

How does the suspension system work?

Your suspension system is attached to the frame of your vehicle. All the components of the system work closely together. This gives you a smooth ride and consistent handling. The most common components are:

  • Control Arm
  • Compliance Bushing (aka control arm bushing)
  • Strut Rod
  • Ball Joints
  • Shock Absorber/Strut
  • Stabilizer Bar

Your Honda’s suspension should always be kept in good condition. If any of the components begin to fail, they will impact the stability of the vehicle. This will have a negative effect on handling and can lead to damage of other components.

Symptoms of Compliance Bushing Failure

Wheel Alignment

When a bushing fails it will allow your wheel to have a degree of play. By raising your car, you can see if there is play by pushing your hand against the wheel. If you can move it sideways, back and forth, you need to replace the bushing.

Braking Seems to Improve

It might seem strange, but your braking efficiency may improve off-and-on if your bushing fails. This is because the control arm isn’t functioning properly. It may be intermittent which will make driving your vehicle unsafe.

Strange Noises

When parts begin to wear out you often hear strange noises. If you are experiencing an issue with your suspension system you may hear a knocking sound when going over bumps, squeaking or grunting when turning or going over bumps, the sound of a rusty hinge when the car rocks back and forth or bounces, or a rattling noise that is hard to pinpoint.

Steering Issues

The most common indication of a compliance bushing failure is steering problems. The steering may not be as responsive as it once was. It may be erratic at high speeds. The steering wheel may shake. And during turns, the car may lean to one side.


If you have a bad compliance bushing, it will not be able to cushion your ride. Even the smallest bumps will be felt. As the parts wear out you will also begin to hear and irritating rattling or clunking noise.

Uneven Tire Wear

A failed bushing can cause your tires to wear unevenly. They can have excessive wear on either the inside or the outside.

Honda Compliance Bushing Failure

We are Here for You

At Euro Plus Automotive, our technicians Honda Compliance Bushing Check can help with all your German and Japanese import needs. If you are experiencing any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us. You never want to drive your vehicle if you are experiencing any type of issue. Doing so is dangerous and can lead to more damage. Call us today to schedule an appointment. You can reach us on 818-710-8244 or come see us at 7107 Canoga Ave, Canoga Park. We service the Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA areas.

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