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Infiniti Radiator

How to Deal With a Cracked Radiator & Transmission Failure in an Infiniti

Infiniti vehicles are affordable and reliable. They provide amazing performance and enhanced drive-assist technologies. However, a known issue with some Infiniti models is a cracked radiator. Many drivers do not know that they have a cracked radiator until they experience a problem.

Radiator 101

The radiator is a part of the cooling system. Its purpose is to remove heat from the engine and transmission. It is a critical component that keeps your Infiniti from overheating. Coolant is pumped through the engine and circulated through the radiator, traveling through the metal fins. The outside air cools the coolant with the help of the radiator fan. This coolant is then pumped back through the engine to reduce heat, then the whole process is repeated.

How does a cracked radiator affect the transmission?

When coolant leaks from the radiator, it can mix with the transmission fluid, which enters through the cooler lines. This creates a colorful mixture referred to as the Strawberry Milkshake of Death (SMOD). This dreaded mixture is toxic and leads to irreversible transmission damage.

Signs of Transmission Failure

  • car doesn’t warm up
  • vibrations when shifting
  • vibration during acceleration
  • stalling
  • shuddering noises

Symptoms of a Cracked Radiator

A crack in your radiator isn’t always visible. If your Infiniti has a cracked radiator, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms.

Coolant Leaks

Coolant can leak onto the ground if the radiator is cracked. If you notice any type of fluid under your car, other than condensation, have it checked out right away. Coolant is usually bright blue, green, red, or yellow.

Leaks are often noticeable when you park on a paved surface. However, if you park on dirt or gravel, they often go unnoticed. Placing a large piece of cardboard under your car can help you determine if there is a leak.


When there isn’t enough coolant in your radiator it will not be able to properly cool your car. This will lead to overheating.

Low Coolant Level

During regular maintenance, your technician can check the coolant level. It is also something that can easily be done yourself. Always make sure that your car has cooled off before you open the radiator cap.

Having clean coolant at the proper level is critical to prevent overheating. If your coolant is low, it is possible that your radiator is cracked.

Radiator Sludge

Coolant is usually a bright color. If there is an issue with the radiator, the coolant can turn dull or rusty in color. It will become a thick sludge that cannot circulate through the engine to keep it cool.

Damaged Radiator

Inspect your radiator for damage, corrosion and leaks.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

If your Infiniti has an issue with the cooling system, it can trigger the check engine warning light. There are many issues that can activate the light. If your light is on, have it checked out right away to avoid additional damage to your car.

Common Causes of a Radiator Crack

There are several factors that can cause a radiator to crack, from a faulty thermostat to design flaws. To keep your radiator in good condition for as long as possible you should:

  • always maintain the proper coolant level
  • flush the coolant system regularly
  • never drive your car if it is overheating

Driving with a Cracked Radiator

A cracked radiator may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Do not drive your car with a damaged or cracked radiator. Your radiator is key to keeping your engine cool. Continuing to drive your car can cause your engine to overheat, which can cause major damage, including catastrophic transmission and engine failure.

Infiniti Cracked Radiator & Transmission Failure

Euro Plus Automotive is Here to Help

The radiator is one of the most important components in your car. When it fails, your vehicle can overheat. Overheating leads to irreversible damage. If you believe your radiator is cracked, it needs to be inspected as quickly as possible. Failing to do so can lead to additional failures and expensive repair bills. Our expert team of professional mechanics know what to look for and how to get your car fixed properly.

Book Your Appointment Today

If you are experiencing any Infiniti Radiator Changeissues with your Infiniti, don’t hesitate to call. At Euro Plus Automotive, we are here to help you. Call us today to book an appointment. We proudly service the Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County, CA areas.

Honda Airbag Light

Best Repair Shop in Canoga Park for Fixing Airbag Issues in Your Honda

Safety features are an important part of buying a car. Knowing where the airbags are located, the condition of the brakes, and if there are blind spot detectors are some of the safety features of your Honda. Airbags are one of the relatively newer features in automotive history, and they have made driving undeniably safer for drivers and passengers.

Airbags became mandatory in every U.S. vehicle in 1998. We expect these airbags to properly work in instances when we need them most to keep us safe. It is crucial that we always ensure the airbags are well-maintained so they work on demand. Below, we’ve put together some signs and symptoms of airbag malfunction and will talk about what to do if you notice an issue.

The Airbag Light

There are numerous lights on the dashboard of your Honda. This is the way your vehicle communicates with you when issues occur. The airbag light is one of the most important lights on there because it directly relates to your safety. If the warning light stays on, the airbag is off.

In some models, the driver seat belt light is the same as the airbag light. If you click your seat belt and the light turns off, this means that you are safely strapped in and the airbag is fully functional. This light is usually not something that we pay close attention to because it turns off every time we put our seat belt on.

The problem occurs when the light stays illuminated but we continue to ignore it. If the seat belt has clicked in place but the light stays on, then this could indicate at least one non-functional airbag.

Most vehicles now have an airbag light for the passenger side as well. The airbag function is activated by a weight sensor in the passenger seat. When there is no one sitting there, the light remains on to indicate the passenger airbag is off because it is not necessary. For example, if you get into an accident and your backpack is in the passenger seat, only the driver side airbag will deploy because the backpack was not heavy enough to be registered by the sensor. The driver should always be aware of if the airbag lights are on or off.

Causes for the Airbag Light to Remain Illuminated

When driving, if the airbag light remains on, then this is a serious issue because an airbag is not functional. The first cause can be that the airbag is deactivated. It could deactivate because no one in the passenger seat, as mentioned above. Or it could deactivate because there is a faulty sensor. A faulty sensor should be inspected immediately by a professional so the airbag can be safely-functional again.

Another cause for the airbag light to stay illuminated is after a small collision under 8 mph. If you were in a fender bender or hit a light pole in a parking lot, the airbag may not deploy because you were not in any danger of getting hurt due to force. But the crash system will still be activated because it is a sensitive sensor that will cause the airbag light to illuminate when any type of collision occurs. The only way to fix this is by bringing your Honda into a trusted shop to have the crash sensor reset.

One last cause of airbag warning is water damage. The airbag and crash sensors are electrical components. Thus, in order to function, they need to remain dry. They have the potential of getting wet if you drive through a flooded area or if a torrential downpour was able to reach the inside of your vehicle. The water damage will disrupt the system and lead to the airbag light remaining illuminated.

Honda Airbag Issues Fix

Fixing the Airbag Issues in your Honda

The airbags are part of your Honda meant to keep you safe in an Honda Mechanic Fixing Airbag Issues accident. So the moment you notice that the light is illuminated, meaning there is a problem with the airbag, it is time to bring your Honda in for service at Euro Plus Automotive.

Euro Plus Automotive is easily accessible from the areas of Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA. Our shop has years of combined experience and our technicians hold numerous certifications that allow us to safely work on your Honda.

We use the latest technologies to diagnose airbag sensor issues and always make sure that you are happy with the repair and that you are able to get back on the road in a quick and safe manner. You can easily make an appointment with us to have your Honda inspected by contacting us today. We look forward to meeting you.

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