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Month: November 2020

Porsche Loose Clutch Pedal

Expert Advice on Replacing the Clutch Slave Cylinder of Your Porsche

On a car as performance-based as Porsche, it’s important to ensure your vehicle is receiving the proper maintenance that it deserves. With this in mind, any issues that arise under the hood should be taken care of as soon as possible to ensure there are no further issues. A Porsche is a beautifully crafted piece of machinery that needs to be in proper working order to produce the best results possible.

Problems with the clutch slave cylinder can be quite serious and should be fixed as soon as they pop up. To actually understand the importance of fixing this piece, we’ll look at what exactly it does before diving into how you should know when it is time to replace the clutch slave cylinder in your Porsche. Always trust a professional to solve your vehicle needs and never try to fix this issue by yourself.

The Function of the Clutch Slave Cylinder

In short, the clutch slave cylinder makes changing gears possible in your Porsche. As an owner of a Porsche model, you know that proper gear changing is integral to the overall performance of your Porsche. So, let’s take a look at how exactly this component under the hood operates to further understand the importance of replacing it when necessary.

On a manual transmission, the clutch slave cylinder moves pressure plates that disengage the clutch when you press down on the clutch pedal. This action allows for the different gears to be engaged by the driver. Without a working clutch slave cylinder, there would be no reliable way to disengage the clutch when you press down on the pedal.

A faulty clutch slave cylinder may result in a Porsche that cannot change gears, which would obviously be detrimental to the overall performance of your vehicle. More importantly, this would be detrimental to your transmission as well. Driving in the wrong gear can have serious consequences for your car in the long run and should never be done for consistent amounts of time.

Now that you know the importance of this part, it is important to look at the common signs of a faulty clutch slave cylinder so that you can take your Porsche in immediately after noticing the following signs.

Signs of a Faulty Clutch Slave Cylinder

As discussed, the clutch slave cylinder is an integral component of the functions of your Porsche, and not getting it fixed may result in serious issues. Here are some common signs of a failing clutch slave cylinder:

Inability to Switch Gears

Given that the clutch slave cylinder allows the clutch to be engaged, an inability to switch gears will be a major sign that something could be wrong with the clutch slave cylinder. Watch and see if your gears won’t switch when you are trying, and take your car in right away if this is the case.

Clutch Pedal Feels Loose

Another very common sign of issues with the clutch slave cylinder is a loose clutch pedal. You know your Porsche best and you know the correct resistance of your clutch pedal. If it feels as if it has gone loose all of the sudden, consider the possibility that something has gone wrong with the connection to the clutch slave cylinder.

You Need to Press Down All the Way on the Clutch Pedal

As with a loose clutch pedal, you know how much you typically have to press down on the pedal for the clutch to engage. If this amount changes drastically, it’s likely that there has been a disconnect with the clutch slave cylinder. You should bring your Porsche in as soon as possible before it completely fails.

Porsche Clutch Slave Cylinder Repair

Euro Plus Automotive For Your Porsche Needs

Here at Euro Plus Automotive, we understand Porsche Clutch Slave Cylinder Failure Fix the importance of the clutch slave cylinder to the overall performance you love on your Porsche. We will ensure your satisfaction and the speedy repair of your vehicle.

Our certified technicians have experience working on a variety of European vehicles for clients around Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA which means we can tackle whatever problem is brought into our garage.

Give your vehicle the treatment it deserves and trust us here at Euro Plus Automotive to get you back on the road quickly with confidence. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment or come in to see for yourself why we are the best name in the auto business. We look forward to earning your trust and patronage.

BMW Window Regulator

The Best Place to Fix a BMW Window Regulator Failure in Canoga Park

Imagine it’s a beautiful, sunny day. The clouds are full and fluffy in the air. There is a slight breeze blowing all around you. The only thing that would make it better is feeling the breeze blowing through your car windows as you drive around to enjoy the day. This can’t happen if your power window regulator isn’t functioning.

Power windows are a relatively new feature on modern vehicles. Power windows allow us to press a button in order to roll our windows up and down. Before the mid 1970s, car windows were operated manually. Each door had a handle to roll the window up or down. Now, your windows are operated electrically because of your car’s window regulator system.

BMWs are no exception to this technological and mechanical advancement. BMW is known for delivering the best vehicle technology and performance to their drivers, so it is no surprise that the brand adopted the use of an advanced system that allows drivers to forgo manually winding their windows. But just because the system is an advancement in automotive technology, doesn’t mean they don’t malfunction. Here are a few common warning signs that your BMW’s window regulator is failing and where to go to get it fixed.

Your Window Won’t Stay Rolled Up

The window regulator assembly allows the rolled up window to lock into place and stay closed. If you press the button to roll up your window, but the rolled up window doesn’t lock in place or it falls down on its own, the regulator assembly could be broken.

Another sign of a broken regulator assembly is if the window ends up crooked while you are rolling the window up or down. One side of the window may slide down slightly, leaving an open gap. If you notice this, bring your car into the shop so the window regulator system can be replaced.

Window Speed Is Slower or Faster Than Usual

When you press the button to roll your window up or down, you expect the window to operate at an even speed. The speed is regulated for convenience but also so that the window doesn’t break. If your window is moving faster or slower than usual when you press the button, it might have a shorted wire or fuse that isn’t allowing the sufficient amount of power to the window regulator. This is easily replaced at your trusted BMW shop.

Your Window Rolls Up After Multiple Tries

The button you press is in order to trigger the window regulator into rolling your car’s window up and down is meant to trigger the window regulator immediately. If you notice that you have to press the window’s button more than one time to roll your BMW’s window up and down, there could be an issue with the button that triggers the window regulator, but bring your car into the shop to get checked out by a technician.

Your Window Button Makes a Noise When Pressed

If you press the button to trigger the window into rolling up or down and hear a clicking sound, that could mean there is a failing window regulator. This is actually a common symptom of failure. It is caused by debris that is caught between the window and motor assembly. The particles in the regular causes it to work harder than designed, which affects the window itself. If you notice a clicking noise, bring your BMW in for inspection. If left untreated, the window can shatter, potentially causing injury to you and your passengers.

BMW Window Regulator Failure Fix

Euro Plus Automotive Will Fix your Window Regulator

Having a malfunctioning window can be an BMW Window Regulator Repair inconvenience which can lead to an expensive issue if left untreated. If you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms of a malfunctioning window regulator, come visit us at Euro Plus Automotive. We take pride in servicing the drivers of Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA.

We employ ASE certified technicians, and our thorough work is guaranteed by a 2-year/24,000-mile service warranty to each of the vehicles we service. Come see us today to discover why we are known as the Valley’s Import Specialists since 1984. We look forward to earning your patronage.

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