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Month: February 2021

Honda Trouble Steering

Quick Repair of the Power Steering Hose Failure in Honda

Hondas are one of the most dependable cars on the road. They are affordable and retain their resale value. Drivers that purchase Hondas are rarely dissatisfied with their choice. Even though they are one of the best vehicles on the road, they still have some problems. One of these is power steering hose failure.

What is the power steering hose?

The power steering pressure hose is an essential component of the steering system. The hose carries the power steering fluid between the power steering rack and the steering pump. The power steering pump sends the power steering fluid to the steering gear. When everything is working together properly, the steering is smooth.

Without power steering, it can be hard to make a turn. You will have to put a large amount of effort into turning the steering wheel. You may also notice that the brakes are very hard to push.

Symptoms of Power Steering Hose Failure in Honda

Cars have two kinds of power steering pressure hoses: high pressure and low pressure. It is important that both hoses are in good working order. If you notice any of these symptoms, call us today to book your appointment.

  • Trouble Steering: The main and most common symptom of power steering hose failure is trouble steering. The steering wheel often becomes hard to turn. This can make maneuvering your car and turning corners difficult.
  • Fluid Leak: A power steering fluid leak is an obvious sign there is an issue. Your Honda uses many different types of fluids. Power steering fluid is often clear or amber in color. It will either smell like burned marshmallows or oil.
  • Low Fluid Level: The power steering fluid should be checked regularly. If there is a drop in the fluid level, there is a leak in the power steering system or a hose.
  • Groaning Noise: If you hear a groaning noise when steering your Honda, this can mean that the fluid level is low.
  • Contaminated Fluid: Over time, hoses should be replaced. They can break down and leave particles in the fluid. These particles can damage the power steering system.

Causes of Power Steering Hose Failure

Both power steering hoses in your Honda are made of rubber. As they age, they can break down and fail. The most common reasons for power steering hose failure include:

  • Age: Since the hoses are made of rubber, they will wear out over time. You may notice the hoses cracking and flaking. Hoses can also become soft when they are breaking down.
  • High Temperatures: Constant fluctuations in heat can wear out the hoses causing them to fail.
  • Outside Factors: The outer layers of the hoses can be damaged by outside elements such as worn mounts and abrasions.
  • Corrosion: Fittings can corrode leading to failure.

Preventing Power Steering Hose Failure

Preventative maintenance is the best way to prevent power steering hose failure in your Honda. There are many benefits to preventative maintenance. Being proactive and taking a preventive approach will help you save time and money. The more proactive you are at preventative maintenance the longer your Honda will last.

Honda Power Steering Hose Failure Repair

Is it safe to drive with power steering hose failure?

You can still drive your Honda when you are experiencing power steering hose failure. However, we do not recommend that you do so. The hoses are very important parts of your steering system. They help you easily steer your car. If the hose fails, you can have trouble directing your vehicle, which can lead to an accident.

Another reason not to drive with a failing power steering hose is a fire. The power steering fluid is highly flammable. It can spray into the engine leading to a fire. This is dangerous for many reasons. It’s best to call for a tow and bring it to us for inspection and repair.

We Are Here to Help You

If you are experiencing any symptoms Honda Power Steering Hose Repair of power steering hose failure, call us right away. The power steering hose is crucial for smooth maneuverability and your safety.

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