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Month: July 2021

Porsche 718 Cayman S

How to Determine if Rebuilding Your Porsche’s Engine is Right For You

Over time, your Porsche may experience engine problems due to high mileage and normal wear. An engine’s performance directly affects the overall well-being of your vehicle. Without an engine, you essentially just have a shell of a Porsche that is only worth the parts. Let’s dig into the most important reasons you would choose to rebuild your Porsche’s engine.

Low Engine Performance

Have you noticed your engine has lost some of its power? Maybe it is making new noises that it has not made before or even leaving behind smoke from the exhaust as you travel. A Porsche with a lot of mileage will inevitably have a lowered performance.

A common reason for your Porsche to experience low performance is a carbon buildup. This blocks the valves, which do not allow adequate air and fuel to enter the cylinders resulting in decreased power and efficiency.

The low performance also leads to improperly burned fuel. Thus, leading to increased emissions as you travel. Increased emissions may leave behind a trail of smoke while you are cruising in your Porsche. An increase in emissions being released causes a negative effect on the environment. Also, should you need to have your Porsche taken for an emissions test, it would not pass.

Engine Knocking

As parts wear, they generally move around and do not fit securely into place anymore. A knock in the engine commonly occurs when the peak of the combustion process no longer occurs at the right moment. The piston assembly supplies much of the power in the engine from the force pushing on the top of the piston. The piston and rod are designed to move up and down in a reciprocating motion. However, when they become worn or damaged, and no longer fit properly in place, they begin moving side to side not allowing the proper force needed to power the engine.

Using a lower-quality fuel than the manufacturer recommends may lead to a knock in the engine. High-quality fuels have much more additives in them to keep the engine clean and running in pristine condition.

Dirty Engine

When the professionals are changing the engine oil in your Porsche, they alert you to a glittery substance within the oil or sludge in the drip pan. The “glitter” is actually metal shavings within the oil. This almost always means there are one or more parts within the engine rubbing together. When this occurs, the parts that are rubbing together become worn down and are not able to function as intended.

A sludge substance in the oil pan should alert you to an engine problem. Engine oil sludge may be caused by debris getting into the crankshaft or even excessive idling. Oil passages may become partially or fully-blocked, resulting in a decreased lubrication of engine parts. Another common cause for oil sludge is unused coolant, potentially from a coolant leak, mixing with the oil not being used by the engine.

If you notice a decrease in your engine performance, it may be time for a rebuild. A new engine comes at a much higher price than a rebuilt engine. A rebuild can give your vehicle thousands of more miles of life for you to enjoy.

Ensure the engine has been fully rebuilt and the auto shop you choose performs high-quality work and offers a warranty on all parts. Your rebuilt engine is an investment, so you’ll want to protect it by choosing experts who know a Porsche inside and out. Make sure the mechanics doing your rebuild have current Porsche training so your engine is exactly what you want.

Porsche Engine Rebuilding Reasons

Euro Plus Automotive for Your Porsche

Euro Plus Automotive Porsche Engine Inspection employs ASE Certified Technicians who are highly trained in German and Japanese vehicle service and repairs. We help drivers throughout Canoga Park and nearby cities like Woodland Hills, Los Angeles County, and San Fernando Valley, CA. Our shop was established in 1984 with a dedication to providing all dealership services at a fraction of the cost. Our work is backed by a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty on all parts and labor.

To schedule an appointment, call us today. A friendly member of our team will happily assist you. We look forward to helping you with all your Porsche service and maintenance needs.

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Porsche Ignition Lock

Expert Advice on Replacing a Faulty Ignition Lock in Your Porsche

Porsche owners should be aware of issues that can develop with a faulty ignition lock. This malfunction can cause frustration when your vehicle will not start. Porsche is a reliable brand associated with high-end manufacturing and technology. However, a continual area of consternation with this brand is the ignition lock. Porsche utilizes sophisticated technology, which improves the overall experience, but the ignition lock can be a sticky issue for some customers.

A faulty ignition lock complicates a simple mechanism designed to start your engine. If the issue continues or is severe, then you may find yourself stranded with your Porsche in a no-start condition.

If you notice that your ignition unit exhibits some of the warning symptoms below, you will want to handle this situation before it becomes a more significant problem later on. Read on to learn more about the signs that your ignition lock is failing and the next steps for replacement.

What causes the faulty ignition lock and why does it need to be replaced?

The main reason that ignition lock failure happens is the wear and tear of the various smaller components. Nothing lasts forever. Vehicles depreciate as the years roll by.

There are many distinct types of parts and pieces of technology that must be in good working condition to have a fully operating ignition lock. As a Porsche owner or a future Porsche owner, plan for this potential issue so you can spot the early warning signs. That way, you will not be caught by surprise.

Consider looking into auto shops that focus on European cars. You want your mechanics to know what they are doing with your brand of car, who have the necessary experience with a Porsche.

Warning Signs that Point to a Faulty Ignition Lock

If your onboard computer detects a problem with your ignition switch, your engine warning light may illuminate on your dashboard. Besides this indicator, here are a few ways to identify signs associated with a faulty ignition lock:

  • Difficulty with Key Insertion or Removal: Are you able to insert the key and turn it in with no issues? If it seems to be stuck or it can catch, this could be a sign to call an expert.
  • Count Clicks: Every time the key is inserted and turned, there should be audible clicking noises that designate the start-up process. When you turn the key, if you do not hear the correct number of clicks or no clicking sounds, that is a sign that something is not working correctly.
  • Car is Unable to Start: This is the most evident sign of an issue with the ignition lock but could also represent a problem with the engine, battery, alternator, or other parts. Have your Porsche towed to an expert technician right away.

Proactive Prevention

Continuing with a regular car service regimen from professionals can be an excellent way to prevent issues with your Porsche. Ask about the ignition lock during routine maintenance and get the details on replacement.

Asking simple questions for something that is not an issue can save a lot of time, money, and pain in the future. You will be glad that you chose to ask your mechanic a few additional questions about something you might encounter in the future.

Ignition Lock Replacement

If you are having issues with the ignition in your Porsche, this will need to be replaced by professionals. If your car is still under warranty, you might be able to have it replaced at the dealership for free. Be sure to inspect your warrant and call ahead, so you do not waste a trip.

If your vehicle is no longer under warranty or their solutions have not made much progress, choose an automotive service center focused on Porsches.

Porsche Faulty Ignition Lock Replacement Expert Tips

Come to the Experts to Repair Faulty Ignition Locks

Euro Plus Automotive serves Porsche Ignition Lock Repair Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA. We specialize in German and Japanese vehicles and have been providing excellent care for imported cars since 1984. Come see us today! Feel free to schedule an appointment on our website or call us at 818-710-8244. We look forward to earning your business.

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