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BMW Spark Plug

The Best Service Center for Spark Plug Replacement in a BMW in Canoga Park

When it comes to having your BMW repaired, it is crucial to find a shop who knows how to work on your specific type of German cars and how to do it right. The complexity in this craft comes from both the nature of European cars using the metric system (which requires a special set of tools) as well as an understanding of how these cars run.

There are some routine maintenance processes that many drivers try to tackle at home to save money. One particular example is the spark plugs.

This is a fairly simple part, the only job of a spark plug is to give off a small spark for ignition to happen in each individual piston. This requires a special park to fit to the somewhat odd shape of the spark plug in any car, so to add on top of that the special considerations BMW’s require, it is important to have this work done by a professional if you think your spark plugs need to be replaced.

Common Problems When the Spark Plugs are in Need of Repair

There are some common issues that will occur and are recognizable signs for the driver that it’s time to have your spark plugs replaced. This can be a tricky issue because it is possible for the engine to run without a couple of spark plug firing correctly, but if ignored, it will lead to more expensive repairs down the road.

  • Rough/inconsistent idling: If one or two spark plugs quit entirely, the engine can keep running. An excellent time to inspect and consider if this is your problem is if there are strange sounds or a change in feel in the driver’s seat when the car is idling. While the car is sitting still at a traffic stop and there is less road noise to distract you, listen for new noises in your engine bay. You may hear popping noises if your spark plugs are struggling to fire.
  • Change in Acceleration: The spark plugs work in sync with the pistons. If even one piston is malfunctioning, the cylinder can function but it will not be at full capacity. If your BMW is not accelerating like it normally would, this is a sign that you have a problem in the engine. Although it does not necessarily mean the spark plug is the problem, this is still a sign to bring your car in right away because something needs repair if performance is suffering.
  • Difficulty starting: If any of the pistons are not firing or are firing sporadically, the vehicle will probably have some difficulty when trying to turn over initially. This is a fussier symptom because it could be a sign of problems somewhere else such as fuel injection, but faulty spark plugs may be the first thing your mechanic will look at.
  • Drop in Fuel Economy: Another symptom that could mean any number of parts are failing is a change in fuel economy. As it pertains to spark plugs, pistons firing out of sync will directly equate to the other pistons trying to work harder. The engine will operate out of balance.

Even though it goes through a beating and will keep running for a time, every part in a car engine is made to serve a particular purpose, so all parts must be fully-operational for the engine to run as designed by the manufacturer. If your mileage has dropped, getting the spark plugs checked by a certified technician is an easy way to solve a small problem before it gets bigger and costlier.

BMW Spark Plug Failure Signs & Replacement

Euro Plus Automotive

The simplest check for spark plug replacement is BMW Spark Plug Replacementto follow the manufacturer guidelines. At Euro Plus Automotive, our dedicated technicians are certified in specialized brands like BMW, and are experts in dealing with the special needs that come with owning such a high-quality vehicle.

Whether it’s routine maintenance or if you suspect your spark plugs are in need of replacement, Euro Plus Automotive is here to help. Our convenient shop in Canoga Park has served the Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County area for decades. Every service comes with a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor, so you will leave confident that we’ve done the job right. Give us a call today!

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