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Mercedes Gear Shift Issue

How a Faulty TCM Makes Your Mercedes Unsafe

If you’re a Mercedes owner, whether that’s a sedan, roadster, coupe, cabriolet, or SUV, you will already know that it is the perfect blend of luxury and performance that makes a Mercedes-Benz such a great drive. But, if you’re noticing your car’s performance lagging, acceleration is not as good as it should be, gear changes become rough and/or inconsistent, or you notice your vehicle is not as fuel efficient as it once was, these could be a sign that your car’s TCM is running into trouble. If your check engine light is also illuminated, it is a clear red flag that you should get your TCM checked as soon as possible.

What exactly is the TCM?

The TCM, or Transmission Control Module of your Mercedes is the electronic mechanism responsible for the regulation of your car’s transmission. The transmission, in very basic terms, is how your car transfers the power of the engine to the car’s wheels, making your car move.

If you imagine the TCM as the brain and the transmission system as the muscles, the TCM is busy collecting data from your car, relaying messages and making the necessary calculations to allow the automatic transmission to choose the best gear to engage to suit the specific circumstances. The TCM receives and interprets signals from the car about the throttle and brake positions, the transmission fluid, the turbine speed and other transmission elements and has the ability to send codes to alert the driver of any potential issues encountered by your car’s automatic transmission system.

Generally, the TCM remains quietly and efficiently working away in the background for the lifetime of your Mercedes, but if you are unlucky enough to run into problems with your TCM, these must be addressed promptly.

If your TCM becomes faulty, your car will ultimately not be able to change gears when required, which could cause further serious problems for your motor’s transmission system and lead to irregular gear shifting, which can potentially make your Mercedes unsafe to drive.

So how do you know if your Mercedes TCM is faulty? Here are the most common symptoms that you may encounter.

Common symptoms of a faulty TCM

  • Erratic shifts in gear: If your Mercedes suddenly shifts into a different gear or into neutral unpredictably, it’s a sure sign your TCM is in trouble. In this scenario, your transmission could potentially shift into neutral without warning in any circumstances, even at high speeds. This symptom of a faulty TCM can prove dangerous and you should discontinue driving and bring your car to a motor mechanic immediately.
  • Losing acceleration: If your Mercedes engine seems to roar loudly, while your RPM continues to rise without an increase in your actual speed when you accelerate, this is a sign that the transmission is struggling to shift into a higher gear.
  • Trouble downshifting: If your Mercedes is struggling to drop down in gear, this can lead to dangerous problems that can cause your engine to over-rev. You will need to have your car towed into a service center if it will not downshift.
  • Gears are stuck: In this scenario your gears can become fixed in one gear position or in neutral. Obviously, if you are stuck in park or reverse, this can also become problematic and require a tow.
  • Fuel economy lowers: A faulty transmission control module can often manifest in a reduced fuel efficiency in your Mercedes, and this can be one of the indicators that it is time to get your TCM checked out.
  • Check Engine Light: This one is obvious but is worth mentioning twice. Never ignore the check engine light on your dashboard. It could prove more costly to do so in the long run. The TCM can diagnose potential problems with your car’s transmission systems and send up a code to alert you of these. If your check engine light is illuminated in conjunction with any of the other above symptoms, the TCM could be encountering problems. Your best step is to take your motor to a garage for diagnosis and repair.

Driving your Mercedes with a faulty TCM is potentially dangerous and can be damaging to your car’s transmission system in the long run, so don’t delay. Get your TCM the help it needs today.

How a Faulty TCM Makes Your Mercedes Unsafe

Euro Plus Automotive Can Fix Your Faulty TCM

Euro Plus Automotive, the trusted auto Mercedes Automatic Transmission Repair repair shop in Canoga Park since 1984, has highly skilled ASE certified technicians with Mercedes expertise on hand to diagnose and repair any issues with your car’s transmission control module. Call or visit Euro plus Automotive in Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, CA. We look forward to earning your patronage!

Mercedes Illuminated Check Engine Light

Possible Reasons Why Your Mercedes Check Engine Light is On in Canoga Park

Mercedes are known for their luxurious interior comforts and exceptional engine performance. With the high technology used in the manufacturing process of building these machines, any small problem sends a signal to your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system resulting in an illuminated warning light on the dashboard, including the check engine light. Below is a general guide with some common reasons as to why your Mercedes check engine light might be illuminated.

What is the check engine light?

The check engine light on the dashboard of your Mercedes is a warning signal that becomes illuminated when a problem arises. Mercedes is equipped with an onboard diagnostic system that uses many different sensors to detect a problem. When a sensor detects a problem, the electronic computer system then receives a signal resulting in an illuminated warning light. So, what causes the illumination of the check engine light?

Common causes of Mercedes check engine light illumination

There are a number of reasons that could cause a warning light on the dashboard to become illuminated including:

  • Fuel cap: If the check engine light on your Mercedes dashboard is illuminated, you should first check the fuel cap. The fuel cap forms a seal around the fuel tank. So, when the cap is loose, broken, or missing altogether, vapors are able to escape and the fuel pressure is decreased. As a result, drivers will notice a reduction in fuel economy. Also, it will not pass a vehicle emissions test, as there is an increase in harmful emissions being released.
  • Catalytic converter: The catalytic converter is integral in the Mercedes emission system as it aids in removing toxic carbon monoxide. However, the more you drive your vehicle the catalytic converter becomes clogged with dirt and debris resulting in failure. When failure occurs, drivers will notice a significant impact on the fuel economy and overall vehicle performance.
  • Spark plugs: Spark plugs are responsible for creating a spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture within the cylinder allowing the engine to run. Over time, spark plugs and wires attached to them begin to wear out and fail. When this occurs, your Mercedes engine will not start as the spark is not able to ignite. It is common to have to replace the spark plugs of your vehicle over time.
  • Oxygen sensor: The O2 sensor provides the proper air/fuel mixture to the engine control unit (ECU). When the oxygen sensor fails due to prolonged exhaust gas exposure, the ECU does not receive enough or receives too much fuel. When too much fuel reaches the engine the vehicle will exhibit dark smoke and an odor. However, with too little fuel reaching the engine, this results in engine failure.
  • Mass airflow sensor: The Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine to help regulate the air/flow mixture. When this sensor is exposed to dirty air failure is inevitable. Failure of the MAF results in engine misfire, poor fuel economy, a decreased overall performance, as well as unnecessary and expensive engine damage.

How often is your check engine light on?

An illuminated check engine light may appear at all times, intermittently, or even appear to be flashing. Let’s take a look at what these mean:

  • Intermittent illumination: If your check engine light is only illuminated in certain conditions, it is important to note any performance changes. Limit the amount of driving you are doing in this vehicle until you can have it assessed and a diagnosis
  • Always on: When the onboard diagnostic system receives a signal that something is wrong, the check engine light will remain on. It is important to bring your vehicle to a trusted automotive expert whether there are performance issues or not.
  • Blinking: A consistently blinking check engine light is a sign of a major problem. Immediately pull over into a safe location and have your vehicle towed to our auto repair shop for a thorough inspection.

Mercedes Illuminated Check Engine Light Reasons

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