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Advantages of Glaze Coating for Your Car

Car Glaze Coating

Luxury European imports, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche are all known for their excellent performance standards; however, before we get a peek at what’s under the hood, we can only see the exterior of such cars—which tends to be equally impressive. One thing that adds to the wow-factor of a car is its paint job. The shiny, delicious quality of a good paint job can set apart two cars that are virtually the same in every way, which is why so many luxury car owners put such care and effort into the exterior of their vehicles.

Of course fresh paint, regular washing, polishing, and waxing will help your car stand out from a crowd; however, there is another way to accomplish an incredible shine on your car that you won’t see on many other vehicles. Glaze coating is a way to enhance your car’s paint job that is often overlooked by drivers. Glaze coating has its benefits, and it’s worth looking into—especially if you have the privilege of driving a luxury European import like the ones listed above. In this article, we’ll talk about what glaze coating is, what it can do for your car’s exterior, and other important factors to consider with glaze coating.

What is Glaze Coating?

Glaze coating is a product, as well as a process, that many luxury car drivers utilize. If you’ve ever watched a professional car auction, many of the cars sold utilize glaze coating as a way of making the cars stand out more so than usual to heighten the potential for selling them. The process of glaze coating can be done by any car owner themselves with the right tools and experience; however, for the maximum benefit it’s best to leave it to the pros.

Some of the Benefits of Glaze Coating

Glaze coating has many benefits, especially for the avid car enthusiast who notices every little detail in paintwork. Here are some of the most notable advantages and benefits of glaze coating your vehicle’s exterior:

Adds Extra Shine

Of course, the number one attraction to glaze coating is the shine it adds to your car’s exterior. Drivers of the finest, most luxurious cars in the world utilize glaze coating to really help their cars stand out from a crowd, and believe us it works!

Fills in Imperfections after Polishing

After the car is polished, glaze coating can be applied to fill in any of the leftover, nagging imperfections you might notice. For the car enthusiast, these tiny imperfections are far from imperceptible, and a glaze coating can help diminish their appearance.

Accentuate a Stellar Paint Job

Glaze coating can enhance an average, stock paint job to make it look like an expert, custom paint job. Glaze is also great for applying to those custom paint jobs that were conceptualized and slaved over in order to maximize the shine and effect.

Important Things to Remember

If you decide that a glaze coating might be great for your car, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, glaze is a coating, and specifically not a wax or a polish product. Polishing and waxing should be performed in addition to a glaze coating for the best effect. Furthermore, the glaze must be applied after the car has been polished, removing any of the exterior imperfections first. Then, after it has been polished and the glaze has been applied, you should wax it. Following these steps will give you the best result—after all, that’s what we’re after!

How We Can Help

Glaze Coated Car on Road For over 30 years, the automotive experts at Euro Plus Automotive have provided the community with exterior paint and bodywork—that’s 3 decades of excellent, quality service to the residents of Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, the greater San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County, CA. Achieving the maximum shine on a luxury car is one way to make your ride stand out from the rest, but a glaze coating can also be applied to any other vehicle, like a Toyota or Acura, to show the level of care that you’ve put into them. If you’d like to know more about our automotive exterior care techniques and processes, please call one of our helpful professionals today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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