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Audi Broken Motor Mounts Can be Repaired at the Top Garage in Canoga Park

Audi Broken Motor Mount

In an expensive imported car like an Audi, you want to take every step possible to ensure that there is nothing wrong with its engine. This includes the implement designed to hold the engine in place. The primary job of the engine mount is to keep the engine stationary, as well as reducing the vibration that the engine emits.

Engine mounts are crafted with a rubber material in order to prevent the inevitable friction and damage that a metal-on-metal surface area would cause in the long run. Since it is holding the most important part of your car upright and keeping it out of harm’s way, the engine mount can be considered an integral component of an automobile, and when it breaks down it can mean catastrophe for your Audi. Generally speaking, you will be able to diagnose a broken motor mount fairly easily.

How to Diagnose a Broken Motor Mount

There are visible signs of a broken motor mount that you can observe yourself at the onset of trouble. Usually, the first sign that anything is wrong with an automobile can be heard audibly. If a motor mount is decayed or completely broken, you will probably hear impact noises coming from the hood of the car, such as loud banging noises. This would be the noise of the loosened engine shifting around under the hood, specifically on the side where the broken engine mount is located.

Other symptoms will be visible upon further inspection. Any cracks or separation of the rubber of the motor mount is the most commonly observed symptom. Another indication is leaking liquid coming from the mount. The engine may even sag lower on the side where the broken motor mount is placed. This problem places more stress on the other engine mounts, which leaves them more vulnerable to breaking. It is important to take your car in for servicing as soon as you notice any of these problems under the hood of your car, as one broken motor mount can lead to the rest of the motor mounts breaking as well.

What to Do When A Motor Mount is Broken

You would be correct in assuming that a broken motor mount is a serious issue. However, if you are able to detect the problem early, you will be able to save yourself a serious headache in the future. Once you discover the broken motor mount, you should immediately bring it into a mechanic for servicing. An amateur could attempt to do it themselves, but it is difficult to access the motor mounts under the hood, and even more difficult to give the engine the proper support while you try to fix it.

Test the broken motor mount before driving the vehicle any longer. If the broken mount isn’t in too bad of a shape, you could be able to drive with the dislodged engine for a little while, but it isn’t worth doing more serious damage to your automobile. When you suspect that you have a broken motor mount under your hood, the best option is to only drive your car when it is an absolute necessity while you begin your search for a professional Audi mechanic that can take care of this potentially serious problem.

Audi Broken Motor Mount Repair Tips

Searching for a Qualified Audi Mechanic

Bringing your car to a new mechanic that specializes in Audi vehicles can be a stressful and worrying experience, but not if you live in the Los Angeles County area. Just take your car to Euro Plus Automotive in Audi Broken Motor Mount Fix Canoga Park and let the wonderful mechanics there take that stress off of your shoulders.

Residents of Canoga Park, as well as nearby Woodland Hills and the San Fernando Valley have trusted their European vehicles to Euro Plus Automotive for over 30 years. Although they began servicing Porsche vehicles, they have  since branched out to include many other European makes and models to their area of expertise. Audi owners are just one of those groups of European car owners lucky enough to have the expert services of Euro Plus Automotive at their disposal.

Having a serious problem with your car, such as a broken or loose engine mount, can threaten your peace of mind as you worry about how long your car can withstand the pressure modern highway driving can inflict on it. Bring your Audi in today for a consultation or call for an appointment.

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