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Best Team to Fix Your Mercedes’ Glow Plug & Timer Failure in Canoga Park

Mercedes Glow Plug Warning Light

As most of us know, maintenance goes a long way towards building a long relationship with your luxury car. Mercedes are designed with a strict set of standards to give owners excellence in performance. However, even a Mercedes automobile naturally requires inspection on a regular basis to ensure that it is performing as anticipated. One of the key features all maintenance checks should cover in your Mercedes is glow plugs and the corresponding timer failure.

In this article, we will discuss the glow plug and the timer, explain why they can sometimes fail, and discuss how you can detect glow plug and timer failures early on to take action in protecting yourself and your car.

What is a glow plug and timer?

The glow plug is the heating device that helps start your diesel engine. It serves a similar role as spark plugs in gasoline engines, which may be a more familiar part to most car owners.

Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines compress intake air to reach the top dead center (TDC). At that point, the engine injects the diesel, the mixture of fuel and air evaporates, and the engine starts. This system performs as long as the compression temperature is high enough. The glow plug is what ensures your car engine can meet the temperature needed.

In Mercedes cars, glow plugs come with a timer that determines how long the plugs will stay on. The timer makes sure the plugs stay on long enough to warm the engine cylinders properly, but not too long that the plugs are damaged.

Why does the glow plug fail?

Like all the other components in your Mercedes, the glow plug and timer both suffer general wear-and-tear issues over time. Your engine may put out too high a voltage that “burns” the glow plugs. Also, continual exposure to heat also damages the glow plugs. Think about your glow plugs like light bulbs: they are turned on everyday and will eventually suffer heat erosion. The longer the heat lasts, the more damage it causes.

Three Symptoms Your Glow Plug and Timer are Failing

Luckily, it’s easy to detect failing glow plugs and timer. Below are the 3 major symptoms that tell you to check the glow plug and timer:

Hard to start
A problematic glow plug can’t provide the heat to start the engine. A faulty timer, on the other hand, causes the plugs to operate at wrong intervals. This happens more often in cold weather, as low external temperatures put more stress on the engine. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts before the engine will start. Other times, it may not start at all.

Glow plug light comes on
If the system detects problems with the glow plugs or the timer, the light will come on as a warning. If the light stays on after you have started your car, it also means that something may be wrong with the glow plugs and/or the timer.

Check engine light is on
At this point, something is definitely not right. When the check engine light comes on, it is strongly recommended that you bring your car in for a service. The check engine light comes on when there are issues with the circuit or signals related to the glow plug or the timer. By now, you would have noticed your car behaving oddly. It may be that it’s been difficult to get the engine running or it may be other symptoms. Even so, the check engine light doesn’t always signal a faulty glow plug or timer. It can be related to a variety of problems and failures, which is why it is important to have your Mercedes checked out as soon as possible.

Mercedes Glow Plug & Timer Failure Fix

How Euro Plus Automotive puts your mind at ease

The Mercedes specialists at Euro Plus Automotive have been serving Mercedes Glow Plug Issue Check the area of Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County in California for over 30 years. The trained experts here dedicate their careers to helping drivers caring for their high-end vehicles.

Euro Plus Automotive puts your mind at ease with years of experience in glow plugs and timer maintenance. These are some of the parts most crucial to your engine, and they should receive the top-grade services. Euro Plus Automotive at Canoga Park provides customers with unprecedented services, where ASE-certified mechanics offer outstanding services with latest materials and technologies.

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