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Causes of an Acura RLX Suspension Rattle in Canoga Park

Acura RLX Suspension

The Acura RLX provides smooth rides, reliability, luxury, and high performance. Owning one certainly sets you apart from other car owners on the road. The air suspension is the part of your Acura RLX responsible for maintaining smooth and comfortable rides. Over time, the air suspension can become faulty and rattle due to natural wear and tear, other defective parts, or service negligence.

The air suspension is similar to a standard suspension system, but instead of using metal springs and fluid-filled shocks, it uses inflatable airbags with compressed air to keep your Acura off the ground. The function of the suspension in your Acura RLX is to reduce friction between the tires and the road. It helps to ensure that you and your passengers are safe and comfortable.

If the air suspension of your Acura RLX develops a fault, it can begin to rattle. You may hear the rattle sound as clunking or knocking. Mind you, these sounds are not peculiar to only suspension faults, but it primarily indicates that a part of the suspension of your Acura RLX is failing. There are three primary reasons responsible for the rattling sound in your Acura RLX. Let’s take a closer look at those below.

Faulty Ball Joints

The ball joints are vital components in the wheels of your Acura RLX. They function to form a connection between the wheel hubs and the rest of your vehicle’s suspension components. Each wheel carries one or two ball joints. When the ball joint develops faults, you’ll notice that a clunking or knocking sound is coming from the front wheels of your Acura RLX. After a while, the problem will extend to the steering wheel, and you’ll also notice vibrations in that area upon ignition. It is dangerous to drive in your car with faulty suspension and steering wheels. Hence, call for help immediately from an Acura specialist.

Faulty Sway Bar Links

The sway bar links, also known as an anti-roll bar, helps in the reduction of body rolls when cornering your Acura. Simply put, the sway bar links can keep your car from uncontrollable rollovers when driving around a sharp corner. If the sway bar becomes damaged, you’ll hear rattling and clunking sounds, especially when driving past road bumps, potholes, and sharp bends. The sound may be a direct indication of a faulty suspension.

Faulty Tie Rods

The tie rods connect the steering rack and steering arm of your Acura RLX. Without the tie rods, the tires and wheels of your car will lose connection. Also, the suspension will fail, and your vehicle will lose balance, sway when you drive, and bend to a side when parked.

Other Signs of a Faulty Suspension In Your Acura RLX

Apart from rattling, there are other signs that you will notice in your Acura when it develops a fault, and they include:

  • Your Acura RLX will lean to one side.
  • The compressor will refuse to come on, indicating that the suspension requires immediate repair.
  • The front of your Acura RLX will dip, while the rear will be slightly elevated when you drive your car to a stop.
  • The brakes of your Acura RLX will become faulty, and your vehicle will find it difficult to stop.

Acura RLX Suspension Rattle Causes

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No doubt, repairing a faulty suspension is difficult for most Acura users because of the cost and expertise needed. However, Acura RLX Suspension Element Replacement an auto repair shop that offers high-quality repair and maintenance services at affordable prices solves the problem. Euro Plus Automotive is the auto repair shop you need.

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