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Trusted Import Auto Coolant Services in Canoga Park

In Southern California the summer months can be especially hard on your Import vehicles. Since these cars are built for high-quality performance and known for durability, every maintenance item is essential to ensuring the best possible driving experience. One service that can be overlooked until it’s too late is maintaining your car’s coolant & fluids, which are essential to clean performance & less strain on the vehicle. At Euro Plus Automotive, we offer Import auto owners all throughout the Canoga Park area complete coolant flushes & inspections to ensure your car remains performing at the high level you expect.

Your Import Auto Experts

At Euro Plus Automotive we specialize in the maintenance & services for all models of:

With unique service programs and specific requirements for materials used, our certified technicians make sure your car is always receiving the high level of care it needs. We use the same replacement coolant & fluids as the dealerships so you can always drive with complete confidence even long after you’ve left our shop.

The Benefits of Coolant/Radiator Flushes

Typically, coolant flushes are performed every 2-YR/30K-miles, meaning, there’s a lot of time for debris and contaminants to build up throughout your vehicle. When we perform our coolant flushing services, our expert mechanics will make sure to thoroughly inspect your car’s entire cooling system to make sure there are no damages or leaks that ay be causing even bigger issues. Staying on schedule with flushes also ensures:

  • Removes all build up promoting smoother performance
  • Eliminates debris and contaminants
  • Lubricates your car’s water pump
  • Prevents rust from forming and impacting performance
  • Better performance and cleaner fluids means less chance of overheating

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Conveniently located in Canoga Park, Euro Plus Automotive also welcomes Import auto owners from all throughout surrounding areas as well including:

If your car is due for a coolant flush or you can’t remember the last time it had one, please give us a call or drop by our shop today to schedule an appointment.

 Import Auto Coolant Services


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