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Expert Repair of Broken Rear Springs in Your Volkswagen in Canoga Park

Volkswagen Rear Spring

Volkswagens are one of the most popular vehicle brands on the road today. Their unique body style and efficiency are simply two of their most popular features. However, your Volkswagen vehicle may develop broken rear springs. Let’s look at some common symptoms and causes along with how to handle this problem if it does happen with your VW.

It is possible for your car’s rear springs to break if enough force is put on them. Springs are constructed from strong metal, so breaking is not common but they can crack and break during a collision or from stress of hitting a pothole or curb at higher speeds. Under normal circumstances, your Volkswagen’s springs should last the lifespan of the vehicle, but let’s take a closer look at different symptoms to alert you to premature wear or malfunction of your rear springs.

How to Detect Broken Rear Springs

There are certain signals your Volkswagen vehicle will display if it is starting to suffer from broken rear springs. When you notice any of these, be careful not to neglect them. Bring your car in to be inspected if you noticed any of these telltale signs:

  • Worn Out Tires: Tire wear is a good indicator of how your rear springs and suspension are Unequal and sudden tire wear that is not caused by too much or too little inflation usually indicates a suspension problem. Broken, damaged, or misaligned springs can be the cause of this. Poorly-functioning springs, especially as a result of breakage, can cause your vehicle’s tires to wear out faster. You should have this checked out as soon as possible to avoid more problems, like having to cover the cost of new tires alongside purchasing new springs.
  • Incessant Noises: When anything goes wrong with the rear suspension of your vehicle or any of its components, it makes a lot of noise. An affected rear suspension, as well as damage to the springs, can cause loud, repeated noises from the suspension of your vehicle. When driving on uneven or rough road surfaces, it is likely that you will hear parts hitting each other and clunking This is a strong indicator to bring your VW in for an inspection right away.
  • Imbalance: The main components that keep your Volkswagen sitting level are the springs. As a result, if you notice that your vehicle is oddly-positioned or leans more heavily onto the rear end than the front area, the rear springs are likely to be significantly more worn than the front set. This problem is likely to appear minor in the first instance, but it will get worse as time passes because the springs will begin to deteriorate. If one of the springs breaks, your Volkswagen may be leaning more to only one side, requiring you to exert extra energy while driving to adjust it, which may cause you to not be in control when behind the wheel. Any problem that compromises your safety on the road needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Swinging Motions: The springs in your vehicle keep your Volkswagen level. If they develop a fault, the springs may cause your vehicle to sway when they become worn out, damaged in some way, or start to break. This happens most frequently and is most concerningly when you take sharp turns. This problem can also cause accidents, so bring your Volkswagen to our reputable mechanics as soon as you notice any swaying or any lack of control when driving your Volkswagen.

Expert Repair of Broken Rear Springs in Your Volkswagen in Canoga Park

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