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First Steps When Your Car Breaks Down in Canoga Park

Car Break Down

One of the worst fears of many individuals is breaking down on the road and being stranded. To capitalize on those fears, many are deathly afraid of breaking down in the middle of the night or even on the busy highway. With good reason, these situations are the perfect storm for an anxiety attack.

Often times, one of the most common reasons for sudden breakdowns is running out of gas. We’ve all been in this situation, where the fuel tank light illuminates and there isn’t a gas station in sight. It’s so easy to misjudge that pesky meter.

However, when you break down, even with a full tank, it causes a real concern. There could be an internal issue that’s causing your car to immediately stop running. Whatever the case may be, accidents happen and many people experience breakdowns on the road. In order to fully prepare for these situations, it’s best to go over a few best practices that’ll help to alleviate anxiety should this situation happen to you. In addition, taking into account these helpful tips will also preserve your safety and avoid further damage.

Pull Away From the Road or Traffic

One of the first things you need to do is remove your car from traffic. This is so important to your health and the safety of those around you. However, sometimes you can’t pull off of the road. Therefore, put your hazard lights on immediately. This will give those on the road a clear sign that you are having car trouble. They’ll know to go around you and give you the space needed to hopefully prevent a collision.

Next, pay attention to where you are. This is key to giving directions to either a friend, roadside assistance worker, or a towing company. Take note of the street name, possible landmarks, or highway mile marker signs.

While you’re paying attention to where you are, take note of what’s going on with your car. Are there any physical damages, strange noises, smoke coming from your engine? Although it’s not recommended, if you can safely get out of your car, try to quickly assess any possible physical damage and then move safely away from the other motorists. It is recommended to wait for assistance in the grass or shoulder a good distance away from traffic if you feel safe to do so; otherwise, wait inside your vehicle with your doors locked.

If you have roadside assistance, give them a call. If a friend or family member can’t get to you for help, a roadside assistant will. They can also send a tow truck out to remove your car from the scene. If you feel in danger, you can call 911 to let them know what’s going on. If the situation requires it, they’ll send a police officer to assist you and wait until roadside assistance can come to your vehicle’s rescue.

After you’ve made your calls for immediate help, you may want to give your insurance agency a call if there has been any type of collision with your vehicle. If you’re covered for the said damage, it’s best to let them know as soon as possible so they can get started on your claim.

Always Stay Safe

When your car is broken down, you are especially vulnerable to potential threats. That’s why it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Keep your doors locked and windows up. Although individuals may try and offer assistance, it may be best not to accept help from those you don’t know. Wait for the police or trusted roadside assistance to come to the scene and get you and your car safety off the road and to a professional repair shop.

Once you and your car are in a safe place, it’s time to get to the root of the problem. Call your trusted mechanic and let them know where your car has been towed to and schedule an appointment for them to help. If your car broke down for reasons other than running out of gas, it’s imperative to get a professional’s opinion on this matter to get to the root of the problem. Some shops will send out a towing service to bring your car to their shop. This will lower your anxiety, since you will know and trust the mechanics working diligently on your vehicle.

Car Break Down Tips

How We Can Help

The folks at Euro Plus Automotive have been servicing Car Repair the Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA areas for years. We understand how to properly care for your unforeseen breakdown without causing unnecessary damage or requiring expensive parts. When you bring your car in for any issue you’re experiencing, you can feel confident knowing that our team has the knowledge and experience to complete your service with care. In addition to providing exceptional customer services, we promise to never offer you services that you don’t need in an effort to boost our profits. When you trust us with your vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that we have your best interests in mind.

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