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How Often Should You Align Your BMW Wheels?

BMW Car On Road

The proper alignment of your BMW guarantees that your tires and wheels work correctly. During a BMW wheel alignment, suspension components are modified to ensure that everything matches up perfectly. This lowers tire wear, enhances performance, and makes driving easy and more comfortable.

Misalignment can cause tire wear and this can affect driving since tires with uneven wear do not behave as expected. Shredded or rough tires have restricted treads, which can influence how well they grip the road in wet or snowy weather. Let’s take a closer look on why it is important to have your wheels balanced and what it means for a smoother drive and better tire wear.

What causes wheel misalignments?

Misalignment can be caused by a variety of circumstances. The most prevalent problems are violent hits to the wheels, such as colliding with curbs, or even worn parts. A quick collision while driving, such as a deep pothole or hitting a speed bump at a fast speed, might cause misalignment. If you have an impact, such as a fender bender, you might experience indications of misalignment in your vehicle.

Your suspension also contains various components that might impair your alignment, which includes loose parts or worn-out struts or shocks. This is why, as a part of your BMW’s servicing, you should have routine suspension checks performed.

Misaligned Wheels can Lead to Trouble

Most BMWs require alignments a few times each year. Nevertheless, numerous variables can affect your alignment. Therefore, it is important to notice the indicators that your BMW needs an alignment. These are a few indicators that you should look out for to know you are set for alignment.

  • Uneven Wear: Wheel misalignments cause uneven tire wear. Keeping a close eye on the tire treads will assist you in detecting alignment concerns. If the wear on your front and rear tires differs, you most likely have a wheel misalignment. If you are unsure, consult an expert, as they will know exactly what to look for to determine if the wheel needs rebalancing.
  • Your BMW is pulling in one direction: When you’re driving and sense that your car is pulling in one way, it is possible that there is an issue with wheel alignment. A stronger sense of pulling in one way might be extremely evident, but a small pulling may not be as noticeable. If you suspect there is any pull, try testing your car by driving in an open, level place with low traffic, such as a parking lot. Slowly accelerate, then let go of the steering wheel to check whether the car pulls to one side. If it does, it is an indication that your BMW’s wheels are not aligned.
  • Vibration of Your Steering Wheel: Wheels that are out of alignment can cause the suspension to be affected, which can result in instability when driving and cause vibrations to be felt in the wheel. If wheel misalignment is not addressed, it can damage other components over time and lead to more costly repairs down the line. It is important to make sure wheel alignment is maintained regularly in order for your wheel and suspension system to perform optimally to avoid feeling unnecessary vibrations in your wheel.

How Often to Check for BMW Wheel Alignment

Having your BMW wheels adjusted every 5,000 -10,000 miles or a few times a year is always a smart idea. This varies depending on your driving habits and the model of BMW you drive.

During an alignment, our mechanic will perform a series of checks and motions to determine the proper position for your wheels. Because each BMW is unique, they take into account your model’s suggested set of criteria in order to maintain appropriate alignment. Expert alignment machines make it easy to set the parameters by employing cutting-edge technology to make precise changes.

How Often Should You Align Your BMW Wheels

BMW Wheel Alignment by Euro Plus Automotive

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