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How To Deal With Driveshaft Support Failure in Your Porsche

Porsche Driveshaft

Porsche is a luxury, high-performance automobile that is coveted by many car enthusiasts. However, it is still a machine and it is prone to broken parts if not maintained routinely. Recently, some Porsche owners have reported problems with their driveshaft supports breaking down.

As an owner of a Porsche, you may want to know about the driveshaft system and what you can do to take action at the first sign of trouble. You do not want to let a problem like this mushroom into a more serious situation, especially when you are talking about repairing an expensive car like a Porsche. The parts and labor can get exponentially more expensive as the problems get worse, so catching the problem early is key in this situation.

What is a driveshaft support and what does it do?

The driveshaft is an important part in the drivetrain of an automobile. It is connected to the other parts of a drivetrain in order to facilitate torque and rotation control. Although it is connected to the rest of the drivetrain, it isn’t directly connected to the other parts. It requires a separate support mechanism to keep it in its place. The driveshaft support is what holds it in place and keeps it aligned with the rest of the parts in the drivetrain.

In Porsche vehicles, there have been a number of problems with the center bearing mount. These crucial mounts are made of rubber which will wear down over time. This is due to the vibration felt throughout the car while in motion. If you don’t spot the problem with a worn out center bearing mount, your driveshaft itself will eventually fail.

Indications of a Pending Driveshaft Failure

Indications of a driveshaft failure include loud noises from your car, similar to clunking or thumping sounds. This is a sign that the driveshaft has begun to free itself from the worn down center support mount. It is rattling against another mechanism in the car.

A dried out support mount will also make a whining noise as it begins to crack due to lack of lubrication and wear and tear. The disintegration of the center support mount is usually the reason for a failing driveshaft support in about 80% of the cases, but it is not the only possibility that could lead to such a failure.

The CV joint can become dry as well. If the rollers become worn out, you will hear a grinding noise due to the added friction. If it gets to this point, you may even experience violent shaking and loss of control while the vehicle is in motion. If this begins to happen, stop the car instantly and get it towed to a trustworthy repair shop that specializes in German automobiles.

Porsche Driveshaft Support Failure Fix

What to Do In The Event Of A Driveshaft Support Failure

There is no margin for error if you suspect that your driveshaft support has failed. You must bring your Porsche in for servicing immediately, and you need to find a good mechanic that is experienced in dealing with your Porsche Driveshaft Support Issue Fix luxury import. A mechanic who knows all of the intricacies of your Porsche is invaluable to you.

If you live in the Canoga Park, CA area, you have one of the best European import repair shops right in your own backyard. Euro Plus Automotive has excelled in caring for German and Japanese imports for decades now. We are well versed in problems with Porsche driveshaft support failures. We will diagnose the problem and take care of it in a timely and cost-effective fashion to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

If you live in the Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, or Los Angeles County, CA areas and you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms in your Porsche, bring your car in to Euro Plus Automotive immediately. Don’t wait and let your driveshaft deteriorate. Your Porsche and your wallet will thank you for bringing your car into Euro Plus Automotive. Let us become your trusted Porsche technicians for all your repairs and maintenance needs.

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