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How to Deal With Oil Leaks From the Lower Engine Area of Cars in Canoga Park

Car Oil Leak

Driving a luxury car is a privilege, and when you notice a leak under your car it can be very frustrating. Some fluid under your car can be normal, such as condensation from running your air conditioner. However, if the fluid is oil you could have a serious problem.

Knowing Whether It is Oil or Another Fluid

Fluids are essential and are required for your car to run properly. Knowing if the spot under your car is oil or other fluid can easily be determined. Each fluid that your car uses to run is distinct in its own way. Transmission fluid will be a dark reddish-brown color, while coolant will be a vibrant pink or green. Engine oil, on the other hand, is thick and dark yellow in color.

What Can Cause an Oil Leak

There are several causes of oil leaks. All of these can usually be prevented with regular maintenance. If you notice an oil leak you should have it checked out right away. Leaving it go unattended can lead to more serious problems and can end up damaging your engine.

Here are a few common oil leak locations:

Oil Filter: Having your oil filter changed regularly is important. Filters wear out over time and get clogged from dirt and debris. Once it is dirty and worn out it can no longer filter the oil, this can cause an oil leak.

Drain Plug: If your drain plug is damaged or incorrectly tightened it can leak oil. This type of issue is more common after an oil change.

Filler Cap: Another issue that can cause an oil leak after an oil change is due to the filler cap not being tightened correctly. Technicians can easily forget to tighten the cap and the oil will spill out and run down the sides of the engine.

Oil Pan Gasket: The oil pan gasket is located between your engine block and the oil pan. This gasket sees a lot of wear due to heat.

Valve Gasket Seal: The valve gasket seal can wear out due to heat and age. This seal is responsible for keeping the oil in the system. Cars that have high mileage are more likely to have issues with their valve gasket seal.

Rear Main Seal: The rear main seal is a very common area that leaks in cars that don’t get driven often or don’t have regular oil changes. This seal is used to seal the area where the crankshaft attaches to the flywheel.

Timing Cover Gasket: If your car has a timing chain, then it has a timing cover gasket. Leaks in this area are usually slow but cause a mess as the oil builds up on the drive belt and accessories.

Fixing the Problem

There isn’t one simple solution to fixing all oil leaks. The area and the cause of the problem will determine what needs to be done. There are some products that can help to stop leaks but they are just temporary solutions. Eventually, you will have to fix the problem. Putting it off can lead to more issues and higher service bills.

Here at Euro Plus Automotive, we can take care of any oil leak that you may have. Our expert team is highly knowledgeable are we are certain that they will get your car fixed as quickly and safely as they possibly can.

Preventing Oil Leaks

It is always important to practice proper maintenance. By doing so you can help to prevent oil leaks as well as other issues. Your vehicle has a recommended servicing schedule that was developed using statistical evidence from drivers as well as typical wear and tear. Using this schedule can keep your car running for many years to come.

Deal With Oil Leaks From the Lower Engine Area

We Can Help

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