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Scheduled Maintenance at Euro Plus Automotive

Welcome to Euro Plus Automotive – your trusted auto-service hub located in the heart of Canoga Park, CA. Specializing in high-end and luxurious brands, we are here to ensure your vehicle gets the professional care it deserves.

Why Schedule Regular Maintenance?

  • Safety: Regular maintenance ensures critical systems like brakes and lights function properly, preventing accidents.
  • Performance: Ensuring parts and systems work at their best optimizes vehicle performance and handling.
  • Efficiency: Regularly serviced engines and components operate more efficiently, leading to better fuel economy.
  • Longevity: Scheduled maintenance prolongs the life of the car, giving you more years of use.
  • Resale Value: Well-maintained vehicles have a higher resale value and are more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Prevention: Early detection of issues can prevent more significant, costly problems down the road.
  • Warranty: Keeping up with scheduled maintenance is often necessary to maintain the vehicle's warranty.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your vehicle is in top condition reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns.
  • Environmental Impact: A well-maintained car emits fewer pollutants, contributing to cleaner air.
  • Cost Savings: Although there's a cost for maintenance, it's often less expensive than the accumulated cost of major repairs due to negligence.

Why Choose Euro Plus Automotive?

  • Professional Technicians: Our team comprises experts specifically trained in each brand we cater to.
  • Genuine Parts: Only the best and most genuine parts for your automobile.
  • Customer First: We prioritize your satisfaction, making sure your experience with us is seamless.
  • Latest Technology: Keeping up with the times, we employ the latest diagnostic and repair equipment.

Servicing Beyond Boundaries

Though based in Canoga Park, CA, our reputation precedes us. We proudly extend our expertise to drivers from:

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Preserve the vitality of your vehicle with scheduled maintenance. Remember, consistent care extends the life of your car and ensures optimal performance. Book your scheduled maintenance with Euro Plus Automotive today and experience unrivaled care for your vehicle.



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