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German & Japanese Auto Suspension Services & Repairs for Canoga Park Area Drivers

Your vehicle’s suspension system consists of different components that work together to give you a comfortable ride. Since your vehicle’s suspension often comes in contact with the road, some of the parts that protect your vehicle from road impact may wear out, corrode, or even shatter. If your car no longer gives the smooth ride it once did, it might be due to a suspension issue.

Because suspension system components are subject to heavy wear and tear, frequent maintenance is required to guarantee that your vehicle’s suspension functions properly. Euro Plus Automotive has expert technicians who can provide you with a thorough suspension repair and maintenance.

When Should You Take Your Car in For Suspension Repairs?

There are several warning signs that might help you determine whether it is time to get your car’s suspension fixed. When even the smallest bump appears to produce a major jerking or rocking effect, then your shocks or front struts are likely worn out.

Do you ever get the impression that your car is “drifting” while you make a turn? This implies that the shocks are no longer supporting the car body against the centrifugal force of the turn, increasing the likelihood of a rollover. Many drivers are unaware of how important their suspension is. A faulty suspension can increase the time it takes to stop or turn your vehicle. Other repair companies may overlook minor defects during diagnosis, but our technicians are meticulous in their inspection. We use the most advanced diagnostic tools to find faulty parts and repair the various components that make up the suspension system. Here are some of the elements we check during a suspension diagnosis:

Brands We Service

Euro Plus Automotive is the best suspension repair facility for servicing and maintaining the most popular German automobiles like:

We are also the leading Japanese automobile servicing center in the area when it comes to brands like:

For the above-mentioned vehicles, we use tools of the highest quality. Using brand-specific diagnostic tools and technology helps us to get the best result the first time.

  • Arms
  • Struts
  • Tires
  • Bars
  • Joints
  • Bushings
  • Springs
  • Shock absorbers

Routine maintenance of these components may significantly decrease wear and strain on your vehicle's suspension system. Euro Plus Automotive specialists can help you create a routine maintenance plan to avoid costly repairs.

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We are located in Canoga Park, CA, but we also serve drivers in nearby areas like:

We can help you spot problems, provide professional advice, and handle any necessary repairs and replacements. If your suspension is failing, please contact us or come to our workshop. Our knowledgeable experts will gladly assist you in getting back on the road.

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