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Canoga Park’s Experts in Import Auto Transmission Services & Repairs

The transmission system determines the power and functionality of your engine. This essential system allows your vehicle to transmit the energy generated in the engine to the wheels so that the vehicle can be set in motion. A malfunction in this system means your vehicle will not move the way it should, which can be annoying, inconvenient, or even dangerous.

At Euro Plus Automotive, we have ASE-certified technicians who can repair and maintain the transmission system of your vehicle, whether it’s an automatic or manual transmission. Our professionals have decades of experience working on the transmission of different car brands. We have become the go-to transmission repair shop in Canoga Park because of our quality and affordable transmission services.

Why You Need A Transmission Inspection

One of the most critical things to be aware of in your transmission is the transmission fluid, which safeguards the vehicle’s gears from wear and tear. Transmission fluid loses efficiency with time. As a result, flushing the fluid on a regular basis can help extend the life of the system.

At Euro Plus Automotive, our major objective is to serve our customers with the best transmission repairs in the whole of Canoga Park, CA. We go above and beyond to get our customers’ vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible, regardless of the state of your transmission. If you’re searching for a service center you can count on, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll make sure that your vehicle gets the top-of-the-line care it needs.

Brand Specialists

Euro Plus Automotive specializes in transmission repairs for different car brands. We perform servicing and maintenance for popular German automobiles such as:

We are also the leading Japanese car service center and we focus on brands like;

Each car has its unique set of maintenance needs, and our ASE-certified mechanics have worked on them for years. We use advanced diagnostic tools to achieve the most exact results possible. Our experts can recommend the best preventive maintenance plan for your particular make and model after detecting and resolving the current issue.

Common Transmission Problems

A failing transmission can cause the following symptoms:

  • Leaking fluid
  • Slipping out of gear
  • Grinding when shifting
  • A noisy transmission
  • Difficulty in changing gears

If you notice any of these signs in your vehicle, reach out to Euro Plus Automotive today to have your transmission inspected before any further damage is done.

Call or Visit Today

Euro Plus Automotive is a well-known vehicle repair shop in Canoga Park. We also service the surrounding communities, which include:

The technicians at Euro Plus Automotive are always ready to help you with automobile maintenance. Please contact us right away to schedule a transmission inspection or service with one of our experts.

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