Repair or maintenance of your Infiniti requires an ASE certified mechanic who has years of experience on Japanese vehicles. While most vehicles are relatively similar to one another, there is still a lot of fine detailing that is different than many domestic makes. Because of this, you want to find someone who has the necessary knowledge, certifications and experience to do your Infiniti Repair.

Euro Plus Automotive has been working on Japanese vehicles for decades and we employ only the best Infiniti mechanics. We provide our Infiniti Specialists with the state of the art diagnostic equipment and tools that allow them to do their jobs right the first time, every time.

If you are looking for high-quality Infiniti Service then Euro Plus Automotive¬†is the place to go. We ensure that you and your vehicle are treated with the care and courtesy you deserve. Don’t settle for second best, when you can get the best at Performance Plus.

Come to us for your Infiniti Maintenance and we will fully inspect your vehicle and provide you with a detailed analysis of any required work, along with expected costs.

Mechanics who work on just any old vehicle that is brought to them are more than capable of identifying and even repairing the obvious problems. The problem is that they don’t specialize in Japanese vehicles and don’t have the knowledge, training or experience with them; this means that some of the smaller issues are going to evade them. This is why you need to bring your Infiniti to a shop that knows Japanese vehicles, inside and out. Performance Plus specializes in Japanese vehicles and has staff dedicated to work on them.
Next time you are looking for repair or maintenance on your Infiniti, check us out. We will be able to spot the small issues and help you get them repaired before they become big expensive ones.

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