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Japanese Import Car

Whether your Japanese vehicle is due for an oil change or needs major repairs, Euro Plus Automotive is the Japanese auto repair specialist to get the job done right. We hire only the best ASE certified technicians to work on your vehicle. Come and see us today for the best customer service and top quality repairs.

ASE Certified Technicians

Our highly qualified service engineers are qualified to handle everything from minor tune-ups to major engine overhauls. If you hear a strange noise, your check engine light is on, or something just doesn’t feel right – then stop in and talk to our mechanics that are glad to help you. Our friendly staff will listen to your explanations and then carefully go over your vehicle to find the source of the problem.

Detailed Analysis

When you come to us for Japanese auto repair, we will start with a quick visual inspection of the affected areas for any obvious issues, then we will let our top-of-the-line electronic diagnostic equipment tell us what is happening in places we can’t see. Your vehicles computer will be connected diagnostic equipment for a full analysis of past and current performance, including any error codes. Our staff will go over the report in detail, reanalyze your vehicle for confirmation and then sit down with you to discuss the issue.

We realize that not everyone knows cars like we do, which is why we will break it all down to ensure that you fully understand the issues and what needs to be done to repair them. At the time of diagnosis you will also receive an accurate quote on parts, pricing and repair time.

Exceptional Customer Service

Euro Plus Automotive in Canoga Park, can't be beat. We offer exceptional customer service, fast and accurate quotes, and high quality repairs. With over 30 years in the Japanese auto repair business we know our cars and you would be hard pressed to find anyone else that offers the same level of service and knowledge as us.

Whether it's your high-performance weekend vehicle, or your everyday commuting car, trust us to offer you high quality repairs. So next time you need Japanese auto service in Canoga Park, look us up. We are Euro Plus Automotive, located at 7107 Canoga Ave, Canoga Park, CA. Call us today to make an appointment, 818-710-8244.

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