Euro Plus Automotive has been around since 1984 and since then there have been a lot of changes in the automotive world. As the proud owner of a Nissan, you know how far vehicles have come. They are no longer just simple machines you can take to any mechanic. There is a lot involved when it comes to Nissan Maintenance.

We have ASE certified technicians that are specially trained to do you Nissan Service. We provide our technicians with the latest in diagnostic equipment and tools to enable them to provide you and your Nissan with the best possible service. At Euro Plus Automotive we are dedicated to offering unprecedented service and value to our customers.
Thanks to the new computerized systems in vehicles backyard tune-ups are practically a thing of the past, which means that you will need to take your vehicle to a local mechanic that specializes in Nissan Repair. Our top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment allows us to hook your car up to a computer and run a diagnostic check to see if there are any problems. The codes that the computer feeds back to our Nissan Specialist can tell him a lot about your car and help him give you the best service he possibly can. Regular checkups and maintenance with a qualified Nissan Mechanic are a great way to prevent costly major repairs further down the road.

Whether you are looking for major repairs, a tune up, exhaust repair, or a brake job, Euro Plus Automotive can help you. We can even help you find the perfect tires; wheels or performance parts that will make your Nissan reach its maximum potential. Whether you are looking for performance or looks we have you covered.

Our courteous staff is knowledgeable, efficient and ready to help you, no matter what your service need. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

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