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Reasons for Rough Gear Shifting in an Acura From Certified Mechanics in Canoga Park

Acura Rough Gear Shifting

When you purchased your Acura, chances are that one of the things that attracted you to the brand was its smooth driving. When you start to notice rough gear shifting, it can ruin the driving experience. Not only is rough shifting a nuisance, it can also be indicative of larger transmission problems and can contribute to further costly issues.

This article will explain some of the common reasons for rough gear shifting in your Acura, straight from some of the best mechanics in Canoga Park, California.

What does rough gear shifting feel like?

Driving in a car that shifts rough is not very comfortable. If you notice that the transition from one gear to the next in your Acura feels like your car slams into gear, this is what we mean by rough gear shifting. It may feel like slipping, grinding or shaking when changing gears. This is dangerous because it may also make it difficult to accelerate in your Acura, which can cause issues when merging into traffic.

Let’s look at some of the common causes of rough gear shifting.

Low Transmission Fluid

The most common causes of rough gear shifting are related to the transmission fluid in your car. These are also some of the easiest fixes, so be sure to check these before all the others.

The transmission fluid in your car keeps the different parts of the transmission lubricated to ensure the gears can move against one another smoothly. Low fluid in the transmission can also cause overheating in addition to rough gear shifting or transmission slipping.

The transmission system is a closed system, so if there are low transmission fluid levels, it is most likely related to a leak somewhere within the system, or that there was not enough put into the system when it was initially filled up. You can check transmission fluid levels with the dipstick located under the hood where the transmission meets the rear of the engine.

Transmission Fluid Needs To Be Changed

Over time, transmission fluid can be contaminated by dirt and debris, which can create excess friction between the gears in the transmission.

When checking transmission fluid levels, you can also inspect the quality of the fluid. Normal transmission fluid is a bright, vibrant red color. If you notice that the fluid has become tinted brown, then it is time to get the transmission fluid changed in your car.

Faulty Sensor

In modern Acuras, there are many different sensors that work in cooperation with all of the vehicle’s systems, including the transmission. When the sensors become faulty, you will notice problems in your car’s performance. A speed sensor failure can incorrectly tell your transmission that it is going at a higher or lower speed than it is, so it may shift to an incorrect gear. These types of sensors will need to be replaced if they are failing.

Maintenance and Repair

When you keep up with your Acura’s regular maintenance from a trusted mechanic, they can prevent most future issues before they become too serious. Checking transmission fluid levels is one of the best ways to prevent transmission problems which can lead to rough gear shifting.

Acura Rough Gear Shifting Reasons

If you have already started experiencing some of the issues described in this article, you will need to get it fixed right away. If left unfixed, overheating and increased friction can cause the gears in the transmission to wear down and need replacing, which can be extremely costly.

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