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Significant Traits of a Trusted Car Repair Shop

Trusted Car Repair Shop

The traits of a trusted car repair shop are unchanging; like any business, they have to offer things that the community needs and services people can trust in. Not every automotive business is good at upholding their commitment to trustworthiness and integrity, so it is the consumer’s job to make sure they make the right choice when it comes to finding an automotive shop that suits them best. If you are looking for a trustworthy automotive specialist that can help you with your vehicle repair and maintenance needs on a regular basis, here is a list of qualities that you should keep an eye out for:


Because automotive care can be a difficult thing to accurately assess for as the average driver, it is important to listen to what other customers have to say about a business. Customer ratings are one of the number one ways to determine how a business handles the customer service aspect of their company. You will be able to get a sense of a shop’s honesty and the level of pride they take in their work. Many automotive technicians undergo rigorous educational standards of training, and have earned a reputation for exceptional repair and maintenance services, but do not have what it takes to maintain good business relationships with their clients. This is a critical element of automotive services—as it is important to make customers feel valued, respected, and cared for. You can look up a shop’s reviews online to hear a range of comments about their customer service including efficiency. While it’s normal for not every individual to experience a service in the same way, you should look for a shop that has an overwhelmingly positive online response from current or former clients. There are other ways to gauge how a business conducts themselves with their clients, which brings us to our next point.

Communication and Connection to Clients

Have you ever been to an automotive shop or dealership where you felt ignored, unattended to, and left in the dark? It can be one of the most frustrating experiences for drivers, especially because the vast majority of individuals are not automotive experts. A trustworthy car repair shop should be attentive, friendly, and highly responsive to your questions and concerns. An important part of auto care is the approach a business takes to informing their clients throughout the ongoing process of vehicle maintenance. They should help educate their clients in terms that they can relate to and understand, and help people improve their vehicle performance by increasing their awareness about automotive maintenance. Reach out to a few shops to gauge how they respond to your inquiries about their services in order to find a shop that best suits your individual needs.

Experience and Qualifications

High-end, performance vehicles require special attention and care in order to maintain their optimal driving conditions. An automotive shop that meets that need for maintenance should have a good amount of experience working with specialty brands. They should be certified, credentialed, and have a wide base of knowledge of different models and manufacturer maintenance standards. You can usually find these qualifications on a shop’s website—they will proudly display their credentials and training. Furthermore, beware of dealerships that increase their prices for “specialized” services; you can usually find auto care at the same skill level and quality or better at a much more reasonable cost.

The Euro Plus Automotive Promise

Euro Plus Automotive serves Canoga Park, CA, and the surrounding areas of Lady with Auto Mechanic Woodland Hills and other San Fernando Valley locations. After three decades of experience in the automotive business, we have a wide skillset that deems us qualified to perform any automotive repair or maintenance task with expertise, although we specialize in Japanese and German engineered vehicles. Unlike expensive dealerships and other nearby automotive service centers, we have a genuine passion to help clients in our community who need auto care but can’t afford the hefty price tag. Our online reviews are outstanding, and our clientele is loyal—which is indicative of our high level of customer service. It is our mission to make sure every client leaves our shop satisfied with our work and more informed than when they arrived. If you need more information about our shops qualifications, credentials, or expertise, contact us today—we look forward to becoming your trusted neighborhood car repair shop.

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