Signs of Oil Pressure Switch Failure In a Mercedes From the Experts in Canoga Park

Mercedes Oil Warning Light

Mercedes is a luxury brand that works to set the standards for all other vehicles in the areas of comfort and performance. With each Mercedes, you will see a unique design from the sleek exterior to the plush interior. You will ride in elegance and in comfort. Owning a Mercedes is something that you have earned and something you deserve. However, as your Mercedes gets older, it will require more than the normal maintenance schedule. One part that has the potential of failing is the oil pressure switch. Below, you will learn what the oil pressure switch is and the signs that indicate it has failed.

What is the oil pressure switch?

The oil pressure switch is the part that is responsible for indicating to you that the engine’s oil has fallen below the level that is critical for optimal performance. The oil warning light will illuminate on the dashboard of your Mercedes when it needs to be replaced. Without this, the engine can become damaged and need expensive repairs. The oil pressure switch is what tells the oil warning light to turn on.

Due to the fact that each make and model of Mercedes are different, there are a couple of different places that the oil pressure switch could be located. The oil pressure switch can be found in either the cylinder block of the engine or in the oil filter housing. The oil pressure switch can either begin in the closed or open position. If your Mercedes has an oil pressure switch that begins in the closed position, then once the oil pressure drops below the preset critical level, the connectors inside the switch will disconnect and become open. This will then cause the dashboard warning light to come on. If your Mercedes has an oil pressure switch that begins in the open position, then it works the opposite way. Once the oil pressure gets below the level it should be at then the switch connectors will close and the dashboard warning light will illuminate.

Signs of Oil Pressure Switch Failure

The first two signs that will point to an oil pressure switch failure have to do with the oil pressure warning light on the dashboard. As previously stated, the oil pressure warning light will illuminate when there is something wrong with the oil pressure. So if you go to refill the engine oil and find that it is completely full or still full enough to where it would not set off the warning light, then the oil pressure switch could have failed. When the oil pressure switch has failed, then it will give off incorrect readings.

If the oil pressure warning light is blinking on and off, then this is another sign that the oil pressure switch is failing. This can be very alarming to you as a driver because you will need to spend a lot of time constantly checking the oil level. If the oil pressure switch has failed or is beginning to fail by constantly blinking, then it will not give the proper reading. If the warning light gets to this point, then it is best to replace the switch as soon as possible so you do not have to worry about your Mercedes giving you incorrect readings.

A third sign that will point to an oil pressure switch failure is the oil pressure gauge is consistently at zero. If you have a newer Mercedes model, your oil pressure gauge is electrical. So when the oil pressure switch fails, the gauge can jump from zero to full then in between at any moment. It becomes impossible to trust the readings that are being put forth.

Mercedes Oil Pressure Switch Failure Signs

Servicing your Mercedes at Euro Plus Automotive

The oil pressure switch is an important part of your Mercedes. It is used Mercedes Oil Level Check to tell you critical information that can cause serious damage to the engine.

When you notice any of the signs that were stated above, then you know that it is time to have the switch replaced. Here at Euro Plus Automotive, we will be able to replace that failed oil pressure switch in a quick and efficient way.

We are conveniently accessible from the areas of Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA. You will be able to get an appointment with one of our certified and trained technicians. We use tools that are up to date and specific to Mercedes in order to properly diagnose the issue with the oil pressure switch. We will get you back on the road as soon as possible with a safe vehicle from a garage you can trust.


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