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The Leading Repair Shop in Canoga Park to Replace the Oxygen Sensor in an Audi

Audi Oxygen Sensor

Audis are known for their reliability, but are prone to wear-and-tear over time just as any other vehicle. As an Audi owner, you’ll want to stay on top of any issues, even minor ones, to ensure your vehicle’s longevity.

Minor issues can and will lead to major issues if not dealt with in a timely manner. One such minor issue you may encounter is an oxygen sensor failure. Let’s discuss the role of an oxygen sensor in your Audi, signs of a faulty oxygen sensor, and what to do when your oxygen sensor needs replaced.

The Role of an Oxygen Sensor in an Audi

The oxygen sensor in your Audi monitors the oxygen in the exhaust after fuel has been burned. Your car’s combustion process cannot work properly without it. The oxygen sensor helps regulate your fuel mileage and is responsible for your vehicle’s performance. An oxygen sensor’s role in regulating your fuel mileage is important because without it, your Audi will run at lower fuel mileage, which results in more frequent trips to the gas station. Lower fuel mileage also contributes to increased air pollution, so not only do oxygen sensors help your car run efficiently, they help protect the environment, too.

When oxygen sensors go bad, it is usually caused by one of two reasons: the sensor is wearing out after years of use or it has been contaminated.

Oxygen sensors are fairly cheap to fix and definitely cheaper than having to fill up your gas tank more than what is necessary. The oxygen sensor lets your vehicle’s computer know when the oxygen level isn’t correct and when an adjustment is needed.

A faulty oxygen sensor cannot provide an accurate air-to-fuel ratio, and will signal to your Audi usually in the form of a check engine light that something is amiss. While a bad oxygen sensor might not stop you from getting from point A to point B, letting the problem persist over time could lead to engine damage. If you suspect a problem with your Audi, it is much cheaper to have it examined as soon as possible and will spare you from future headaches in the long run.

Signs of a Faulty Oxygen Sensor

If you’re experiencing suspicious activity with your Audi, a failing oxygen sensor may be to blame. Here are the key signs there’s a problem with your oxygen sensor:

Poor Gas Mileage

If you find yourself making more frequent visits to the gas station, your vehicle is receiving poor gas mileage, which is one of the key signs your oxygen sensor is on the fritz.

Rough Engine Idling or Misfires

A rough idle when starting your car or stopping at stop lights is a sign your vehicle is in trouble. An oxygen sensor’s output helps control engine timing, combustion intervals and the air-to-fuel ratio. If the sensor is going bad, these engine functions cannot work as they should, which leads to the rough idle or misfires you may be experiencing.

Increased Vehicle Emissions

Because the oxygen sensor’s job is to regulate the air-to-fuel ratio to your engine, a problem with the sensor will cause increased vehicle emissions. It could result in lean or rich fuel-injection delivery. All lead to improper engine combustion and increased emissions.

Check Engine Light

The most obvious sign your Audi needs maintenance or repair is the check engine light turning on. When this happens, you should consult your trusted Audi service and repair center as soon as possible.

Audi Faulty Oxygen Sensor Signs & Replacement

Euro Plus Automotive Will Replace Your Oxygen Sensor

When it comes to replacing the oxygen sensor in your Audi, Audi Oxygen Sensor Replacementyou’ll want to take your vehicle to the best specialized Audi repair center in the Los Angeles County area. At Euro Plus Automotive in Canoga Park, our expert mechanics will inspect and replace your oxygen sensor quickly and efficiently.

We serve residents of Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, and the San Fernando Valley. Our customers have trusted their European vehicles to Euro Plus Automotive for over 30 years. Don’t allow a faulty oxygen sensor to cause your Audi any more problems. Give us a call today to set up an appointment or bring your Audi by for a consultation. We look forward to earning your patronage.

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