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The Most Sought-After Repair Shop in Canoga Park to Fix a Transmission Valve Body Failure in a Porsche

Porsche Garage Shift

The Porsche is a sought after sports car because of its high-performance engine and the exhilarating driving experience it provides. The Porsche may develop a fault in the transmission valve body.

The transmission valve body is a very important component of the transmission system in your Porsche. Its function is to control the transmission fluid and transport it to the valves which would make the gears operate properly. Simplistically, the transmission valve body transports the hydraulic fluid to the valves through passages and channels, causing the gears to be able to be changed without any problems.

Although the transmission valve body in your Porsche may not malfunction easily when it fails it creates a big problem for the vehicle. The solution for a failed transmission valve body would be to replace this system.

Symptoms of a Failed Transmission Valve Body

The following are signs that the transmission valve body in your Porsche is failing or has already failed.

  • Check engine light comes on: The check engine light displayed on the dashboard of your Porsche gives a warning alert for potential problems as they occur in your Porsche. Since the check engine light signifies different problems, you need to bring your Porsche in for a diagnostic test to determine the exact source of the problem so that it can be corrected.
  • Transmission slips out of gear when driving: When the transmission valve body malfunctions, there will be issues with the gear rotation because the transmission fluid is not supplied where it is needed. This leads to slips, especially as you try to change the gear speed.
  • Unusual knocking sounds: A faulty transmission valve body may be evident by an unusual knocking sound when you try to accelerate, slow down, or even reverse. The noise is usually a result of a broken down part of the transmission valve body making the valves hit other parts.
  • Garage shifts: When your Porsche experiences a delay when you change the gear from parking to reverse or from parking to drive, then the transmission valve body may be malfunctioning. This occurrence is called garage shift.
  • Delayed response after a command is received: When you give a command to slow down or speed up your Porsche and there is a jerking movement before the car responds to the command, it is a telling sign of a transmission valve body failure.

Causes of Transmission Body Valve Failure

The following are some of the causes of failure in the transmission valve body.

  • Improper lubrication: The transmission valve body has many components which are made up of metal, and as such, proper lubrication is important. The moving part that opens and closes to allow the hydraulic fluid to go through them must be well-lubricated. If these parts are not properly lubricated or there is a leak of the lubricant, the metal component of the transmission valve body would wear out due to constant rubbing against each other. This will cause tiny pieces of metal to enter the transmission fluid making the gear to be stuck.
  • Contamination of transmission fluid: When the transmission fluid is contaminated as a result of the presence of dust particles in it, the fluid becomes less viscous causing the pressure to drop from the normal pressure. This cause the transmission valve body system to not function as designed.
  • Overall wear and tear of parts: Wear and tear is the main cause of problems in cars, especially as it relates to parts that cause friction. The transmission system has several moving parts that can be affected by constant use and age. The transmission valve body system may begin to malfunction as its components wear out, and this is to be expected as you own your Porsche for years.

The Most Sought-After Repair Shop to Fix Porsche Transmission Valve Body Failure

Euro Plus Automotive for Your Porsche

As soon as you notice any of the signs of a failed transmission valve body Porsche Transmission Valve Body highlighted above, you need to visit our expert mechanics immediately to avoid the problem from graduating to something more complicated.

Euro Plus Automotive employs certified mechanics who will repair your transmission valve body issues in your Porsche. We have experienced mechanics who are ASE-certified with experience. We provide repair services to car owners in Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA. Call us today or stop by our shop to speak with our friendly staff.

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