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Tips to Identify Wiring Harness Failure in Your Volkswagen

Volkswagen Wiring Harness

As a Volkswagen owner, you’ve grown accustomed to the reliability your car has given you over the years. Its durable and compact design has made it one of the most trusted European vehicles.

To maintain the cost-effective reliability you invested in, proper annual maintenance is needed. Without proper preventative care and routine inspections, components of your vehicle may begin to fail. Keeping track of your wiring harness is an important aspect of this upkeep. Let’s take a closer look.

The Function of the Wiring Harness

The wiring harness is responsible for protecting your car’s electrical wiring from exposure. Similar to the risk exposed wires pose in your home, your car’s wiring runs the same risks. Exposure impacts the effectiveness of information transfer throughout the car’s computer, potentially causing failing functions and electrical fires.

As cars have become more technologically advanced, the wiring harness has gained greater importance. Automatic cars transmit more electrical energy from the battery, to the various components of the car. This requires more wires and cables to be protected in the harness than previous models. When the information cannot be properly transmitted, the wiring harness most likely failed at protecting the information while in “transport.”

Warning Signs of Wiring Harness Failure

If your lights are flickering or dimming, your car may be indicating that the wiring harness in your Volkswagen is failing. Your vehicle’s lights are heavily dependent on the battery, and if there is a wiring issue, the lights will not operate correctly.

Failing lights can be unsafe for both yourself and others on the road, particularly at night or in visibility affecting weather. This will be most noticeable when the ignition is first turned on.

Of course, if your car won’t start, a dead battery may also be an indication that the wiring harness has malfunctioned. Sometimes the battery may not be completely dead and presenting a charge, but cannot maintain or hold its charge.

Faulty or malfunctioning wiring can cause the motor to suddenly rev, stall, or idle for seemingly no reason. These may be accompanied by stuttering, jerking, or lurching while the car is in motion.

One of the most important diagnostic tools, as well as the most alarming, is the check engine light. The check engine light may be illuminated for a multitude of reasons, but a short in the circuit or wiring malfunction can cause this sensor to turn on.

Causes of Wiring Harness Failure

A healthy wiring harness is softer and malleable. The bendability of the harness makes it withstand damage, but over time, the harness may wear and grow stiff. Pieces of the harness can crack and chip away, exposing the electrical wires. The stiffening can occur because of weather conditions, road imperfections, and high mileage. Cold, heat, rainwater, and rigorous vibrations pose a risk of stretching or cracking the harness.

It is very common for wiring harnesses to last the entire life of your motor vehicle. A harness may malfunction or fail as a result of a manufacturing procedural error. Possible errors may include incorrect wiring size or improper layout during the assembly process or an improper crimping process. Crimping is performed to terminate the ends of the wires, and prevent any malfunctioning circuits.

Volkswagen Wiring Harness Failure Identification

Euro Plus Automotive Will Repair Your Wiring Harness

Euro Plus Automotive is conveniently located to give proper care to Volkswagen and other imported car owners to those in Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, California.

Call us to speak Volkswagen Wiring Inspection with one of our professionally-trained mechanics to get your car scheduled for its routine maintenance or any needed repairs. Our certified staff is ready to assist with wheel and tires, engine and transmission issues, brake repairs, A/C repairs, or diagnosing that mystery sound you can’t diagnose yourself.

Calling us early on will keep your Volkswagen functioning at the performance you expect. Not only will you save money on future damages, but we offer additional specials available for viewing on our website to help save money for those unexpected car costs that may arise.

Your Volkswagen could suffer detrimental consequences if a wiring issue isn’t addressed early on. By maintaining routine service, our mechanics can keep an eye on the wiring harness and spot early signs of breaking or cracking. Contact us today.

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