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Tips to Maintain Your BMW for a Safe Ride

BMW F26 X4

BMWs are some of the finest engineered vehicles on the market, and they consistently beat out the competition in performance. However, high-performance autos require an equal level of maintenance by specialists in the field. Furthermore, condensed areas like Canoga Park, CA can create conditions that require even more rigorous vehicle maintenance. There are several reasons why vehicle maintenance should be a part of every driver’s regimen, such as: lowered repair costs, extended longevity, and improved gas mileage and performance; but none of the aforementioned motivating factors should outweigh safety concerns in level of importance. In order to foster a safe ride in your BMW, here are some tips on how to maintain your vehicle:

Why Maintenance is Important for Your Safety

Thousands of vehicular accidents that occur annually could have been prevented by a degree of auto maintenance. Therefore, it is critical to assess the condition of your vehicle before driving it. BMWs have an outstanding track record as one of the safest automobiles year after year; however, that does not mean they are immune to wear and tear or the occasional road hazard. Following your recommended schedule of maintenance alone can diminish the possibility of a repair-related accident. For instance, by checking your tires daily you can spot a leak before driving on the freeway and suffering a blowout—potentially causing an accident.

Tire Health

Automotive professionals recommend checking your tire pressure regularly, whether you are a frequent driver or your car sits in the garage for a week at a time. In order to check your tire pressure, you can purchase a small pressure gauge and keep it in your center console. If you need to fill your tires with more air, most gas stations provide an air pump. Low or high tire pressure is the number one culprit of tire blowouts at high speeds. Some important procedures related to tire health include: tire rotations, wheel alignments, and regular tread wear inspections. Furthermore, by simply having your trusted automotive shop take a look at your tires regularly you can save a ton of money in replacement tires down the line.

Oil Changes

There are many conflicting opinions about oil changing, but what we have discovered over years of automotive business is that it is always best to err on the side of caution. When it comes to vehicle safety, oil changes might not be the first thing that comes to mind; however, car fires and significant engine problems can result from low oil-pressure or inadequate engine lubrication. BMWs and other high-performance vehicles usually require synthetic grade oil, but it is best to consult your owner’s manual for the proper type of oil to use. Usually it is recommended that oil changes occur every 3 months or 3,000 miles; although this will depend upon several factors, including your average driving habits.

Tune-Ups and Fluid Inspections

When you bring your BMW in for a tune-up, it is an opportunity for experts to inspect various aspects of your engine and vehicle components. Checking spark plugs, air filters, hoses, and belts is critical to the overall health of your engine, and therefore your safety. In addition to engine components, technicians inspect the quality and fullness of different fluids including: brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant. Tune-ups are an important aspect of vehicle maintenance, and can directly affect your safety while driving. For example, if your coolant level is low or leaking, your car could overheat and cause other significant damage to your engine, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

Our Solution

Of course, vehicle maintenance entails significantly more than just staying on BMW M6 Convertible on the Road top of oil changes and tire health; however, the most important aspect of vehicle care is the extra set of eyes from a professional. Having multiple opinions from professionally trained automotive technicians who will inspect, diagnose, maintain, and repair your BMW regularly is a way to reinforce you and your passenger’s safety. Some of the seasoned technicians here at Euro Plus Automotive, located in Canoga Park, CA, have been working in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas for decades—we have specialized knowledge and expertise in European import vehicles including BMWs, and a genuine interest in the safety of our clients. To schedule a tune-up or find out more about our shop, contact us directly—we look forward to improving your vehicle’s safety.

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