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Typical Causes of CTS Failure in Your Volkswagen

Volkswagen Coolant Temperature Sensor

Volkswagens are very popular for their affordability while still being high-quality, reliable vehicles. There are many accounts of owners reaching the fabled heights of half a million or more miles. This does not happen by accident. If you take care of your car, it will take care of you. One issue that does come up is failure of the coolant temperature sensor. Although common in all cars, an issue with this component is dangerous because it can be difficult to spot and fix on your own.

How does the coolant system work in your vehicle?

Every car has a coolant system, and it does exactly what the name sounds like. To run properly, the engine must run liquid coolant throughout the engine block to keep temperatures manageable while the vehicle is operating.

While driving, demands in performance fluctuate, such as when driving uphill or accelerating quickly. The only way the engine knows how to regulate the cooling process is if the coolant temperature sensor is functioning properly.

Common Problems with the Coolant Temperature Sensor

There are ways this crucial but unfortunately-fragile part can experience issues that will lead to other, far more expensive problems if not dealt with:

  • Power loss through the electrical connection: An achilles heel of cars is the fact that even if the coolant temperature sensor and the car’s battery are operating perfectly, the wiring in between can still lead to problems. Making sure there are not frayed or damaged wires is an easy way to ensure all the cars electrical components are functioning properly.
  • Broken sensor: If the sensor itself is damaged, it will be noticed right away because you’ll no longer see a reading of the temperature inside the engine block. This could be due to other issues, but checking the sensor itself is a good place to start. If it is broken, it needs to be replaced by a trusted mechanic.
  • The car battery: As discussed above, this can be a destructive problem because many symptoms could point to or come from a faulty coolant temperature sensor. If the check-engine light is coming on or other electrical components, including the engine temperature, are not showing up properly on the gauge on your dashboard, it could mean their power source is malfunctioning.

If any of these symptoms are happening in your car, especially in a Jetta (a common problem with this particular model), it is important to stop into our shop for a proper diagnostic test of the problem.

Although a sensor is a small part, this problem is so easy and inexpensive to repair. Do not put this off since there is a significant risk of other more threatening problems developing if it is left to fester.

If the engine is running hot without the driver knowing, you can quickly be looking at a significant amount of money spent replacing many more parts. A reputable dealer who works with Volkswagens and knows what they are looking for will have this problem fixed quickly and efficiently. They will have you back on the road worry-free.

Volkswagen Coolant Temperature Sensor Failure Typical Causes

Euro Plus Automotive is Here for Your Volkswagen

Ideally, during routine maintenance and inspection, issues will be found far before it is a problem. Volkswagen Coolant Temperature Sensor Failure Fix Difficulty measuring the engine’s temperature is the first sign of a potential problem. However, the good news is that this regular maintenance can easily stem the issue by spotting these small problems before they become big ones. Bring your Volkswagen to a certified mechanic to ensure all your sensors and electrical components are running properly.

Here at Euro Plus Automotive of Los Angeles, we have you covered and make sure your Volkswagen keeps running smoothly for years to come. We specialize in European makes and are focused on the specific and unique needs these brands have. Your vehicle will be worked on by expert mechanics accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. We are both a Bosch and Better Business Bureau certified service center.

Stop by one of our four convenient locations in the Los Angeles area including Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and greater Los Angeles County, CA to speak with a certified technician today to keep your car in top condition.

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