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Ways to Deal With Transmission Failure in Your Acura From the Experts in Canoga Park

Acura Transmission Failure

The transmission is one of the most important aspects to any vehicle since it’s responsible for ensuring that the correct amount of power is transferred from the engine to the wheels. If the transmission fails, shifting gears will become impossible, no matter whether your vehicle has a manual or an automatic transmission.

Certain Acura models, such as the MDX, have been known in the past to have transmission issues. Although the Acura brand prides itself on manufacturing trustworthy vehicles that are known for high-performance and durability, even their prestigious line of cars can experience problems from time to time.

In this article, we will discuss the symptoms of transmission failure and the preventative measures that you can take against these symptoms.

The symptoms of transmission failure

As with most other vehicle problems, you will notice that something is wrong with your transmission if you keep a lookout for these five signs of transmission failure:

Check engine light is on

When the check engine light turns on, it’s something that’s easy to ignore but really shouldn’t be. The check engine light serves as a warning that something is going on with your Acura and that it should be taken to a specialist as soon as possible.


It can be pretty scary when you’re driving and, all of a sudden, you feel like your vehicle is slipping or sliding. This might be a sign that your transmission is starting to fail. In addition, if your car appears to be shifting all on its own, then your transmission itself might be slipping.

Difficulty shifting

In contrast to your Acura shifting too easily, a difficulty in shifting is also a sign of a faulty transmission. If you notice that it’s starting to feel quite rough whenever you’re trying to shift gears or that your car simply won’t shift gears at all, then it’s time to get your transmission looked at.

Transmission fluid leakage/color

On a dry day, puddles underneath your car are never a good sign. Once you’ve traced the source of the leaking fluid back to its source, it’s important to stop the leak to prevent any further damage to your vehicle. Furthermore, you should always pay attention to the different colors of your vehicle’s fluids. Transmission fluid should never be dark; if it is, then it’s indicative that your transmission is malfunctioning, becoming too hot, and burning the transmission fluid in the process.

Strange sounds

Whenever you’re driving your Acura, you should be keeping an ear out for any sounds that aren’t normal. When failing, transmissions can be very noisy. If you hear a whining or clunking sound, especially when shifting gears, you should suspect that something is wrong with your transmission.

What You Can Do About It

Proper maintenance is essential to the optimal performance of your Acura. Your transmission, like every other part of your vehicle, needs care and attention in order to help prevent it from failing. Here are just a couple preventative measures that you can take to help keep your Acura in good running condition:

Pay close attention to the transmission fluid

Remember how we mentioned that one of the signs of a failing transmission is dark transmission fluid? Well, checking your transmission fluid every few months will help you to stay on top of what your fluid is looking like and whether there are any issues worth worrying about. It’s also important to change your transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles for optimal performance.

Exercise proper driving habits

Take good care of your Acura, and it will take good care of you. Make sure to avoid accelerating roughly or jerkingly, as this doesn’t allow time for your gears to shift properly. Also, avoid shifting gears from ‘drive’ to ‘reverse’ before your car is properly stopped.

Ways To Deal With Acura Transmission Failure

We are here to help

At Euro Plus Automotive, we understand that maintaining Acura Transmission Fluid Change such a vital part of your Acura can be a daunting task. Whether you need your transmission fluid inspected and changed or your transmission has failed all together, our specialists are trained and equipped to treat your Acura with the care that it requires.

Serving drivers in and around Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA. Euro Plus Automotives is dedicated to diagnosing and repairing all of your vehicle’s needs so that you don’t have to worry. If you’re experiencing trouble with your Acura, whether it’s the transmission or anything else, contact us and set up an appointment today.

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