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What Happens When the Water Pump Fails in Your Porsche

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Porsche vehicles are special and unique, making it necessary to enlist the help of a specialist when it comes to providing them with proper ongoing care. One issue that many vehicles experience, including Porsche models in the last twenty years, is water pump failure. This is a serious issue that can sometimes lead to engine failure if not addressed quickly. In this article we’ll talk about why the water pump is integral to your engine’s functioning, how to prevent failure, signs that it’s not working properly, and what you can do to fix the issue.

What does the water pump do for your Porsche?

Porsche engines that were built in the last two decades are cooled with the help of a water pump, designed to help coolant flow through your engine optimally. When your engine is kept at the proper temperature, the motor oil can adequately grease important engine components. When the water pump fails, not only can the engine not be cooled well, it can lead to extensive part failure in other areas. Water pump issues are easily detected, but by the point that symptoms are noticeable other damage may have already occurred. This is why it is important to hire a Porsche specialist who can adequately assess damages in all Porsche vehicles and attend to their need with the correct procedures and parts for replacement.

How to prevent water pump failure

Water pump failure doesn’t always have to occur. Porsche vehicles are typically well maintained by their owners; but that’s not to say that water pump problems won’t come up as your car ages. Water pump failure is most prevalent in older Porsche cars in which water pump seals, impellers, and drive belts have become worn out over time. This gives us good information to use when it comes to preventing water pump failure. Ongoing inspections and routine maintenance procedures can keep your automotive technician in the know about how your car is aging and performing on a regular basis.

Signs of water pump failure to be aware of

It is most important that you are aware of possible issues your Porsche could be experiencing. Water pump failure produces several different symptoms, depending on where the problem originated. The symptoms your Porsche produces are essential for the diagnostic process, so pay close attention to the symptoms your car exhibits and report them to your Porsche specialist when you bring your car in for servicing. These are the most common symptoms of water pump failure to be on the lookout for:

Coolant leak

Coolant leaks can occur for a number of reasons. However, if the coolant leak is near the center/front of your engine, it could be related to the water pump. Since the water pump is designed to hold the coolant, it’s not surprising that a failed water pump may leak this fluid if a seal or gasket fails. Leaking coolant can lead to other significant problems, so it’s best to have the problem addressed right away.

Engine overheating

A failed water pump means that the engine cannot be cooled by the steady flow of coolant. Engine overheating occurs when the engine temperature rises beyond its normal range. Unfortunately when overheating happens it can cause serious engine damage as time passes. Keep your eye on your engine’s temperature gauge—especially during those hot summer months—and watch out for any steam emitted from your radiator indicating an overheating engine.

Odd noises

The drive belt that is responsible for powering the water pump can become loosened or damaged, which might produce an odd noise as it rotates quickly. This will cause an odd noise to come from your engine, often a high-pitched whining noise. Your trusted Porsche specialist may need to replace the drive belt if this is the cause of water pump issues.

What you should do if the water pump fails in your Porsche

Here at Euro Plus Automotive, we service all models Porsche Water Pump of Porsche vehicles in the Los Angeles County, CA areas of Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, and the greater San Fernando Valley. As we mentioned before, water pump issues can occur in any vehicle; yet Porsches require specialized care and a high level of expertise. If you would like to know more about our shop and our qualifications, or would like to schedule an inspection, please request an appointment online or call us directly.

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