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What Should You Focus on While Buying a Used Audi?

Buying Used Audi

Audi’s are known for their multi-purpose functioning. Rated one of the best cars for families, best value, and best vehicle brand year after year, Audi’s are versatile. They are renowned for their luxury, high performance, and adaptability to fit a wide range of drivers’ needs. Above all else, Audi’s withstand the test of time; their value retention is much higher than other luxury vehicles out there. Therefore, when looking for a used car to purchase, Audi’s are a sound choice. When you decide to purchase a used Audi, there are specific things you should look for; actually, this translates to most used vehicles, not just Audi’s. Considering the interior, exterior, specs, and mileage are all critical to the success of your purchase, and it’s important to be as informed as possible before diving head first into a deal. So that you don’t go in totally blind, here are some things to focus on while buying a used Audi:

A Model that Fits Your Needs

Much like falling in love, even though the process of buying a car is exciting, it’s important to remain levelheaded and hold out for the right one. Audis come in a variety of designs that address different areas of concern for drivers. Not all Audi models will suit your needs—for instance, although a new sports car is enticing, it might not be the best option for a family of four who needs more space and efficiency. In this case, be aware of the sacrifices you might need to make in power for a larger vehicle that fits more people. Audi SUVs and sedans maintain a sense of luxury, but accommodate the needs of a family better than a high-performance counterpart. In other words, have a list of your needs that will help you narrow down your options.

Mileage Doesn’t Tell You Everything

Many people looking to buy a used Audi go straight for the lower mileage cars. While higher-mileage vehicles aren’t ideal in general, that doesn’t necessarily indicate that they have been beaten and battered into a worn pile of useless metal. Audis are known for their durability, and many Audi drivers are committed to ongoing vehicle maintenance. Therefore, even a higher-mileage Audi that costs less than others might be a better deal in the long run. Vehicle longevity is highly predicted by the quality of care an owner puts into a vehicle, not how many miles are on the odometer. It’s best to get a second opinion before jumping to any conclusions. Pre-purchase inspections are critical in this sense, and we’ll talk more about that in a moment.

Judging a Book By Its Cover is OK

If you’re looking for a fixer-upper, then maybe the outward appearance of an older, heavily used Audi won’t scare you. Unfortunately, the exterior and interior of a vehicle can tell you a lot about the previous owner’s standard of care. If the exterior paint job, body, or glass or the interior seats, leather, or carpeting is in poor condition, you may want to skip to the next option—this is a pretty good indication that what’s under the hood isn’t in any better of a state. If the exterior doesn’t bother you, a pre-purchase inspection can help verify if the condition of the engine and other critical components that will likely cost an arm and a leg to replace, and you might be able to pay a lower price for the car.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying a used Audi can be a tricky process to navigate—especially because we Used Audi for Sale typically aren’t able to determine the quality of the engine components just by looking at a surface glance. At Euro Plus Automotive we have helped countless used car buyers in the Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, CA, areas conduct pre-purchase inspections that help them to determine the quality of a vehicle before they invest. Because we specialize in German-engineered imports like Audis, we have a keen sense of what cars hold the most value and what a good-quality engine should look like. We also offer a wide range of automotive services for ongoing vehicle maintenance performed by our ASE certified technicians. For over 30 years we have employed our skills and knowledge in helping used car buyers; if you would like more information on how we can help you, contact us to schedule a pre-purchase inspection or speak to a professional today.

Audi 6 Series 2 image credit goes to: stonena7.

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