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Why There is Requirement for 91+ Octane in BMW

Fuelling BMW

Luxury cars such as BMWs have specific performance expectations. It’s important to monitor your BMW’s performance on a regular basis to be able to detect when you’re experiencing significant changes. However, there are other things you can do to help ensure that your BMW performs as it should consistently.

BMW recommends certain service intervals to drivers of various models, as well as ongoing care tips and suggestions for optimal performance. One of the most controversial, yet important, factors of BMW performance is what kind of gasoline you typically use. The BMW manufacturer recommends that drivers of most BMW cars fill their tank with higher-octane fuel—91 or more to be exact. Many drivers dispute this suggestion, but the overall difference in cost could be worth the benefits. In this article, we’ll talk more about why 91+ octane fuel is best for your BMW and what might happen if you don’t follow this manufacturer suggestion.

What Does Using Lower Octane Fuel Do to Your BMW’s Engine?

It’s safe to assume that BMW requires higher octane fuel for their engines because it serves an important purpose. Since this is ultimately up to us as drivers who are responsible for filling our own tanks, it can be awfully tempting to skip the higher octane/higher cost and use regular, unleaded fuel. However, it’s important to note what this can do to your BMW’s engine, and therefore your vehicle’s performance.

Your BMW has a high-compression engine that requires high octane fuel for a specific reason. When you use a lower octane fuel in your BMW, it causes the temperature in your engine to rise, whereas higher octane fuel keeps your engine temperature at the perfect homeostasis for optimal performance. High-octane fuel stops ignition from occurring prematurely and can prevent engine damage.

The Benefits of Using 91+ Octane in Your BMW

There certainly are drawbacks to having to fill your tank with 91+ octane fuel—the number one drawback being higher cost each time you fill up. However, depending on how often you drive your BMW, the difference may be negligible. There are more benefits to utilizing the proper, required gasoline type for your BMW than there are drawbacks. Here are a few:

Gas Mileage

Using higher octane fuel keeps your engine running in its optimal range. Using the right fuel source will help your engine to use the proper amount of pressure and power efficiently when it needs it, without wasting power.


BMWs are known for their exceptional performance standards. Higher octane fuel supports the power and speed that BMWs can achieve, and without the higher octane fuel your engine has to work harder at a higher temperature to achieve similar performance results.


Especially when you’re going on long-winded trips, through hilly terrain, or if the car has a lot of added weight, using the right type of gas is critical. This allows your BMW engine to endure the added strain without damaging the engine in any way.

More Cleaning Power

You might be surprised to learn that gasoline is responsible for maintaining a degree of “engine cleanliness.” Higher octane fuel has a higher, yet different, chemical makeup that removes carbon buildup much more efficiently in high-compression engines.

Why You Might Want to Stick to the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Besides the general benefits of using the right type of fuel for your BMW, it’s important to pair this with providing your BMW with the right maintenance procedures at the recommended interval. The suggestions made by your BMW manufacturer were developed based on statistics and testing that found the optimal method of care for the best results for BMW cars. By sticking to your recommended maintenance plan and using the right type of gasoline, you’ll be able to enjoy your BMW more consistently and for a longer period of time.

How We Can Help

BMW 328i The BMW experts here at Euro Plus Automotive serve clients from all over the areas of Los Angeles County and San Fernando Valley, including Canoga Park and Woodland Hills, CA. Our level of knowledge in German-engineering and specialized care is what sets us apart from nearby dealerships—not only do we offer better quality care, but at more affordable prices. If you would like to know more about your gasoline requirements for your BMW, please contact one of our helpful professionals, or call to schedule a tune-up to inspect your BMW’s condition.

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