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Why Your Car Needs Regular Tune-Ups

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Keeping up with ongoing maintenance can be a pain for any driver, but it can greatly improve your driving experience and keep money in your wallet over the life of your vehicle. Tune-ups often involve routine inspections and maintenance procedures that all vehicle manufacturers recommend in order to increase performance and extend longevity, among other benefits. Restoring your engine’s performance is critical, particularly for those of us who drive luxury, performance vehicles. Any way you look at it, cars are an investment—sometimes an unwanted one. But, in order to get the most out of our investments, it is in our best interest to stay on top of maintenance and ongoing tune-ups that our cars require to properly function. If you’re on the fence about getting regular maintenance and tune-ups from your automotive shop, here are some of the benefits of investing in your vehicle:

Optimal Performance

Many luxury vehicles are known for their performance and endurance. Unfortunately, when ongoing maintenance is overlooked and our cars do not receive the adequate care and regular tune-ups they require to function adequately, the performance and endurance are the first things to suffer. Quick braking, acceleration, and safely performing quick turns aren’t the only aspects of performance that our vehicles offer, but they’re the most recognized. Your brakes need to be regularly inspected and serviced to perform at their best, among other safety features that may not be properly working.

Save Money in Repairs

Many drivers believe that they’re saving money by not bringing their car in for recommended services; unfortunately, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. When maintenance procedures such as oil changes go overlooked, our engines suffer greatly, and over time the various parts of the engine begin to deteriorate, eventually they cannot function without undergoing significant repairs. The cost of repairs over routine maintenance is increasingly higher, and can be detrimental to your wallet. Do yourself a favor and take care of your car routinely—you’ll be glad you dodged that multi-thousand dollar repair bill!

Fuel Efficiency

Perhaps the number one reason for car buyers these days to look for a new vehicle, fuel efficiency is one of the most important aspects of vehicle functioning. Fuel efficiency can be greatly improved upon with regular maintenance and tune-ups. In fact, your fuel efficiency can be directly affected by poorly functioning engine parts like fuel pumps or sensors, and many of which are inspected in routine tune-up procedures. Talk to your automotive professional about ways you can increase your fuel efficiency on a budget.

Increase Reliability

Ever been trapped on the roadside with an overheated engine? It’s not a good look, nor is it convenient for any driver. Long road trips, daily commutes, and running errands all require a reliable mode of transportation. When you have regular tune-ups performed, your automotive specialist will be able to perform preventive maintenance procedures that will address issues early-on before they affect other engine parts. Increasing your vehicle’s reliability is yet another reason to have your car maintained routinely.

Extend Longevity

When we look for a car to buy, we generally factor in the typical life expectancy of the vehicle—in other words, we want to purchase cars that will last long and are relatively durable across time. Cars that retain value and function well-past the 100,000 mile mark are rarities, because ongoing maintenance is rarely adhered to. When you stick to maintenance schedules and get regular tune-ups, your car will last longer and perform better for the entire duration of its life.

How We Can Help

Car Engine Repair Here at Euro Plus Automotive, we make it our mission to enhance our clients’ driving experience in every way we can. Regular tune-ups are the best way to maintain your vehicle’s performance because they address the many aspects of your car that keep it running at the most optimal level at all times. At Euro Plus Automotive, we specialize in German and Japanese-manufactured vehicles in the areas of Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, the greater San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County, California, and for nearly four decades, we have been providing these clients with expert, tailored services. For more information about the services we provide and the vehicles we specialize in, contact us directly today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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